Kerri-Anne Kennerley Hospitalised After Fall During ‘Pippin’

Kerri-Anne Kennerley

Former Studio 10 host Kerri-Anne Kennerley, 67, has been taken to hospital after falling from a trapeze during an act on stage in her role in Pippin the musical.

7NEWS reports Kennerly ‘plunged to the ground’ on Wednesday night’s performance and was taken to hospital for medication attention as a precaution.

Kennerley has been wowing audiences with her incredible turn as Grandma Berthe in Pippin at Sydney’s Lyric Theatre, in which the 67-year-old performs impressive aerial stunts.

It was one of those stunts which has seen Kennerley hospitalised, after she fell to the ground during Wednesday nights show.

Yet Kennerley finished the rest of the song she was singing before heading off to see a medical professional. 

Kennerley had previously chatted to The Senior about her trapeze act, explaining that she ascended to a height of 15 feet. 

“I’m helped by a very strapping, hunky trapeze artist and we do several movements including one called The Bird, and one where I have to hang by my feet.,” she said.

“It’s a big learning curve and I realise how active and tough this is going to be, but every day there is some improvement.”

Kennerley is said to have broken her collarbone as a result of the fall with her return to the stage production now up in the air. 

Pippin, which was the first post-COVID performance to go ahead, is a play within a  play that tells the story of a young man (Ainsley Melham, Aladdin)  at a crossroads in his life. 

The story is told by a travelling troupe of actors and acrobats (called ‘Players’), directed by the mysterious Leading Player (Gabrielle McClinton, Pippin on Broadway) and like a vaudeville act, the Players both act out the roles of the story and speak directly to the audience. 

The award-winning production features many Broadway standards including “Corner of the Sky”, “Magic To Do”, “Glory”, “No Time At All”, “Morning Glow” and “Love Song”. 

You can read about our entertainment editor, Anita’s, experience at the opening night of Pippin here.

Pippin will continue its run at Sydney’s Lyric theatre until January 30, 2021 with tickets available through Ticketmaster. 

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