Big Brother’s Katie Williams Is Already a (World) Champion

katie big brother

Regardless of whether or not she wins Big Brother (and the cool $250,000 that accompanies it), Katie Williams is already a champion. A national champion, and a world champion, in fact — she’d taken triple gold in Australia’s national under-19s category (beach sprint, beach flags and beach relay). Oh, and she won the world juniors in beach flags at the tender age of 19.

Yep, this self-confessed “hype girl” who, like Tilly, hails from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, is passionate about health, wellness, and self-development. In fact, she’s turned it into a career through her training and podcast. Williams is all about living her best life.

She’s also about being 10 steps ahead of everyone else — literally, and figuratively. She plans to use this, and the fact she’s always on the go (her words), to help her be a major threat when it comes to challenges.

In saying that, she’s out to prove that she’s more than just the fitness that has defined her life so far — Williams is a self-professed empath who wants to “be real, make connections, have fun and lift others up.” The lifting part might be literal, we’re yet to figure that out.

Her rituals and her morning routine have her calling herself “a bit loopy” — wait, no, she thinks the other housemates will find them a bit loopy. Only time will tell.

She claims she’s happy to be without her phone, her work, and any other distractions in the house — but as a 27-year-old, we’ll believe that when we see it! What she’ll definitely miss in the house, however, is nature, music and, unsurprisingly, running.

And if she manages to sprint all the way to the finale, and cross that finish line first, she’s got a pretty selfless plan for the cash money. She wants to use the prize to give back to her parents, who she says sacrificed a lot to support her dreams.

Oh, and she’d put some back into her own education — so she can one day support others, just like she’s been supported by her own coaches and mentors throughout her life.

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