How Did J.Lo’s Hair Stay Perfect During Her Super Bowl Performance?

J. Lo is always amazing, so when her halftime performance at the Super Bowl was otherworldly, who could say it was unexpected? Despite her long career, J. Lo was just as feisty as ever, opening her inspiring performance with the always-popular Jenny From the Block

Quickly proving herself far more fit than almost everyone on the planet, the singer rounded off her performance with some impressive pole-dancing while in tight-fitting leotards made of leather and crystals — of course. As if all this wasn’t enough, her perfectly curled hair looked shiny, sleek and flawless throughout her entire performance, even despite the notorious heat and humidity of Miami where the Super Bowl took place. 

While everything else about J.Lo’s performance was highly enviable, the hairdo is the most immediately achievable, and for those facing serious heat across Australia right now, the most urgent. Well figure out how to get her chiselled six-pack later, but for now, let’s master the hair. 

How To Copy J.Lo’s Superbowl Hair

We weren’t the only ones obsessed with J. Lo’s perfectly voluminous curls at the Super Bowl. In fact, endless magazines and websites have honed in on the same thing, interviewing the hairstylist behind perfection: Chris Appleton. 

“We had some fun trying different looks,” Appleton told Vogue. “Miami is the worst place for hair… As effortless as it looks, it’s a lot of planning to make sure the hair moves right in those six crucial minutes.”

Sharing behind-the-scenes photos of tools and products on Instagram, Appleton gave us all a little insight into exactly how he achieved this look. We have a feeling that these products are about to fly off the shelves worldwide because let’s be real, who doesn’t want to look like J.Lo?

Speaking with Vogue, Appleton explained the process in detail but it basically comes down to this: serum, curl, brush, curl, clip, blowdry, shine spray. Sounds easy enough, right? Maybe not for every day, but this look could definitely be adopted for a night out. 

Follow the step-by-step instructions, using the same products as Appleton: 

  1. Serum: After washing the hair, prep it with Color Wow’s Dream Coat Supernatural Spray to prevent frizz and help the style keep in tact.
  2. Curl Once: Curl the hair all over with a one-inch iron “to get a really strong foundation.”
  3. Brush It Out: Using the Tangle Teaser Ultimate Hairbrush (one that was featured in a pic posted by Appleton on Instagram), brush out the curls.
  4. Curl Again: Now, go in with a larger curling iron, aiming for a bouncy look.
  5. Clip: Pin the curls at the root of the hair.
  6. Blow Dry: Using a Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, blast the clipped-up curls with cool air to set them in place.
  7. Shine Spray: After the curls have been set and let down, finish it all off with a shine spray for the ultimate touch.