Everyone Needs to Watch This Powerful Viral Video of Italians in Quarantine


Italy has been devastated by the spread of the coronavirus with, at the time of publication, at least 25,747 confirmed cases and 2,158 deaths.

Funerals have been postponed and the entire country is in lockdown and as the pandemic sweeps the globe, it is believed that the European country is approximately 9-10 days in front of the rest of the world in the COVID-19 progression.

In a video created by Milanese filmmaking collective, A Thing By, the production team asked Italians from around the country to describe what it is is like to be in quarantine — ane record a message to themselves “from 10 days ago”.

This is what they said:

Quarantined Italians Record Messages to “Themselves from 10 Days ago” during coronavirus pandemic

It is believed that the US, England and France are 9 to 10 days behind Italy in COVI19 progression.

We asked people from all around Italy to record a message for themselves of 10 days ago.

Hello Anna.

Hi Salvatore.

Hello Francesca.

Hey Vergi.

Hey Daniele from ten days ago.

Are you afraid? Nah. I am you. Don’t worry. I am you in 10 days.

I am speaking to you from the future.

I know you’re busy, but wait a second.

I wanted to update you on Italy’s latest: A huge mess is about to happen. I’m sure you’ve heard about coronavirus…

And I’m also pretty sure you’re underestimating it.

I even used to make fun of people wearing face masks.

Stop making fun of mom for telling you to buy face masks and go buy them…idiot.

Up until ten days ago, I went to meetings for work, I’d go to dinner with friends, to the gym, to the hairdresser. The usual boring things that never hurt anybody.

But in ten days, life won’t be like this anymore.

The worst-case scenario? That’s exactly what will happen.

Yes, cause infections in Italy will continue to increase, proving you this all wasn’t bullsh–t like you thought.

Ten days ago we had 2000 people infected, now we’re at 18,000. We already passed 1000 deaths.

And now you’re working deadly shifts at the hospital.

We’re currently in a surreal situation.

Nobody can leave their house unless they have a very serious reason.

A nice quarantine…the type you only see in movies.

A whole nation stuck at home. Didn’t see that coming, uh?

Hospitals are literally blowing up, lots of infections even among young people.

There are currently kids our age who are intubated and in intensive care.

“It’s just a flu…wait maybe it’s bad…well, I don’t know.”

We took it lightly.

We should always be light in spirit but not with our gestures.

If you must go outside, only do it if indispensable.

Cause what you’re risking is not a regular “flu”.

We’ve seen some worrisome videos from France and the U.S. of people not taking this thing seriously. This issue is more serious than most of the world believes.

This is not unfounded pessimism.

What is happening is much worse than you thought it was.

You’ll realise that even just being able to breathe air in your own house, it’s something you should be grateful for.

I know China is far away…but the virus is faster than you think.

So maybe re-think your Saturday night plans and who knows? Maybe had you stayed at home then, I wouldn’t have to be home now.

At first you’ll feel like you’re going insane and you won’t see the end of the tunnel.

You’re not alone.

You’ll start seeing beauty and ugliness together.

You’ll live moments of unity you would’ve never imagined, like yesterday when we all go out on our balconies and the whole neighbourhood started singing.

Everyone was singing their own song, but somehow we were all one thing.

So…start right away doing your part.

Tommaso, don’t f–k it up.

Do not f–k up.

Stay at home. It can’t be all that bad.

You’re not the only person in this world.

Stay home. You can rest.

Read. Watch movies. TV Shows. Play the guitar. Actually….learn how to play the guitar…cause right now you suck at it.

And relax, cause it will end soon.

We underestimated this. You don’t have to do the same.

Stay at home.

WATCH: The full video Quarantines Italians Record Messages to “Themselves from 10 Days ago” during coronavirus pandemic. 

The current health crisis is evolving rapidly. If you suspect you or a family member has coronavirus you should call (not visit) your GP or ring the national Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080.

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