Why Australian Actor Isabel Lucas’ COVID Test Omission Is So Problematic

Isabel Lucas

Australian actor Isabel Lucas has been filming a new movie, Bosch and Rockit in Byron Bay with co-star Luke Hemsworth. Not very newsworthy, right? Wrong.

According to the star, before filming began, she “opted out” of being tested for COVID-19, saying that her “immune system has just become so solid from my way of life, how I live and eat and think”.

Appearing on an alternative health podcast, Alfa Vedic in September, Lucas said that she had given her “duty of care” of what she could “offer to respect everyone’s health” while maintaining her own health.” she said while adding, “I opted out of doing the COVID test.”

“Everyone was really respectful and really honouring of, like, how to maintain health while this very tricky time is underway. But I needed to do that. I felt like it was quite an understanding, relaxed group of people.”

Understandably, the production team (Black Pearl Productions) on the film released a statement saying that what she said was “inconsistent with the producers”.

“Every cast and crew member was required to sign an acknowledgment that they would adhere to the COVID-Safe guidelines adopted by the production, which included an acknowledgment that they had been COVID-tested prior to principal photography,” they told The Age.

“Isabel’s recent statement that she was not tested is inconsistent with the producers’ understanding that she had complied with the COVID-Safe guidelines adopted by the production.”

Back in August, she was caught trying to stay anonymous during a Zoom call with COVID-19 conspiracy theorists.

Using the alias ‘X’ she told her co-panellists: “I’m here, and I don’t want to be anonymous, but I am about to start filming a film, and I do need to be careful about being outspoken because you can get dropped from charities, you can lose campaigns with car companies,” Lucas said.

“It has happened to me in recent times for speaking out. I feel careful, and I don’t want to elicit any aggressive, threatening responses.”

At the time, she felt like she “100 per cent was called to shine a light on the reality of what’s really going on” and that there was a “certain level of agenda and darkness that has had authority… and that has had a lot of people believing lies.”

Lucas, who has 200.9k followers on Instagram at the time of publication, has openly spoken out about being an anti-vaxxer in the past and has also been known for her concern over 5G. Her distrust of the virus and omission of being tested is not only problematic but dangerous.

Currently, (at time of publication) Victoria is still in stage four lockdown, one they have been in since August 2 and there are still COVID cases all over the country.

Even though everyone has a right to their own opinion, Lucas, who is in the public eye and has a platform, needs to be careful about what information she provides. Sharing discourse against medical officials and authority can not only endanger herself but others.

While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, let’s all aim to follow the advice of health care professionals.

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