More Jabs Ahoy: Extra Monkeypox Vaccines Are Coming to Australia

In Australia, there are a lot of folks who would be in for a bad time if they caught monkeypox. This is because monkeypox can be a gnarly disease, and the Australian Technical Advisory Group (ATAG) is concerned about it. They outlined that this virus can give immunocompromised, young, and pregnant people secondary infections like sepsis or pneumonia.

The ATAG has also stated that certain men who have sex with other men, sex workers, and individuals travelling outside of the county are at a noteworthy risk of getting monkeypox. Moreover, if these folks get the typical mild version of this illness, they might still pass it on to someone who’s less fortunate. 

Thus, if you’re in one of these groups, you might want to get a monkeypox vaccine, and pronto. But for the past while, doing so might have seemed daunting and stressful, thanks to the number of vaccines coming into the country. Fortunately, though, the Albanese Government has stepped up to the plate. They have ordered a ton of extra monkeypox vaccines in order to address this concern. Here’s what is up:

The Albanese Government Has Got Us 450,000 Doses of Monkeypox Vaccines

If I had 450,000 peanut M&Ms, I would be a very happy boy. It, therefore, makes sense that the government is pleased to have scored this number of life-saving monkeypox vaccines.

“The Albanese Government has responded early to the monkeypox outbreak, securing supplies of the third-generation vaccine in a time of limited supply and significant global demand, stated the Minister for Health, Mark Butler.

He also stated, “This is an important step towards minimising the risk and impact of any further monkeypox outbreaks in Australia.”

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These vaccines are a new, third-generation, and created by Bavarian Nordic. The first 22,000 doses of them will arrive in Australia later this week. Our states and territories will immediately be given access to these vaccines. These jurisdictions will then manage their own rollouts within their own borders. The other 428,000 vaxs will be available later on in the year and in 2023.

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