We Gotta Know: Is ‘The Challenge Australia’ on Tonight?

brihony dawson the challenge is the challenge on tonight

The Challenge Australia is in full swing, and things are heating up. Last night, we watched on as Married at First Sight alum Ryan Gallagher got into it with Bachelor alum Konrad Bień-Stephen in a fight that very nearly came to blows. As a result, producers cancelled the Challenge gang’s yacht outing, which had been organised as a part of Brittany Hockley‘s birthday celebrations.

Instead, the cast was stuck back at the villa, where they all exchanged heated words, culminating in Gallagher telling the rest of the cast: “None of you matter to me. You’re all absolute pieces of s**t in my mind”.

You hear that? That’s the drama alert being sounded!

Hosted by Brihony Dawson, The Challenge Australia sees sports legends, influencers and reality TV stars go head to head in a series of intense physical challenges, all while living under the same roof of a very glam villa in Buenos Aires, where the show filmed.

Not only are they competing for the grand prize of $200,000, but the winner will also go on to represent Australia in the first ever The Challenge Global Championship, where they’ll go up against the winners of The Challenge ArgentinaThe Challenge USA, and The Challenge UK.

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Last night’s episode saw Gallagher get ousted from the competition, alongside pro-boxer Sugar Neekz-Johnson. With another two non-Bachelor alliance members getting the boot, the Bachie alliance is starting to seem pretty unbreakable. But will someone be able to make a move before they take everyone else out? Only time will tell!

With so much going on, we’re completely hooked on the chaos of it all, but with a double episode airing last night, what’s the deal with tonight?

As it happens, there is no new episode of The Challenge Australia airing tonight, Tuesday November 29. Rather, The Challenge Australia will return on Monday, December 5th for a double episode, kicking off at 8.30pm (rather than 7.30pm).

Until then, we’ll just have to follow along on social to catch all the offscreen drama!

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