The Biggest Question of 2023 — Is ‘My Kitchen Rules’ on Tonight?

Is My Kitchen Rules on tonight?

Public holidays: Glorious gifts! Getting a day off to stress about your work schedule getting ruined? The dream! However, there is one problem with public holidays. They can mess with our TV guides. They can make us ask, “Is My Kitchen Rules on tonight?”

On October 2, all NSW, South Australia, and the ACT are taking a day off for Labour Day. This annual holiday exists to honour the achievements of our unions, specifically the eight-hour day movement. 

When Labour Day rolls around, some media networks delay airing new episodes of their most popular programmes. But why do the networks do this? Well, because they’re worried that us Aussies will be partying, instead of sitting in front of our TVs.

Therefore, Channel 7’s My Kitchen Rules might not be on tonight, a date that it would typically air. They might push back this episode a day or two.

But did Channel 7 make this call? Is My Kitchen Rules not on tonight? Let’s not keep you waiting any longer. 

Is My Kitchen Rules on Tonight?

In NSW, South Australia, and the ACT, My Kitchen Rules is on tonight. This episode starts at 7.30pm and ends at 9.15pm.

What’s more, this episode is guaranteed to be a wild one. The instant restaurant round is over, and we’re now getting into the challenges. 

It’s also worth noting that the pressure is starting to get to the contestants. Two teams have already been eliminated from the competition. In the first round, Coco and Pearls were destroyed. Meanwhile, in the second round, Patricija and Brigita were booted from the comp.

We’re therefore so stoked to learn what’s next in this series. Get hyped.

My Kitchen Rules airs Mondays through Wednesdays, on both Channel 7 and the 7plus app.

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