Your Guide to Never Missing an Episode of Big Brother Australia 2021

Big Brother

If you’ve been flicking through to Channel 7 on Thursdays, wondering if Big Brother is on yet, you’ve probably been sorely disappointed that it’s not.

To help you avoid it, we thought we’d provide a little cheat sheet as to when Big Brother is on so that you a) you don’t miss out b) you can set your reminders.

Since the Dancing With the Stars‘ finale took place on a Sunday night, the housemates entered the house on a Monday night, however, starting from Sunday, May 2, you can watch the show on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night.

On Sunday nights, the hit series starts at 7.00pm, however, Monday through Wednesday, it starts at 7.30pm — but don’t worry if you miss an episode, because you can always catch up on 7Plus. Last year, while the biggest change to the format was the introduction of a pre-recorded show format and the network also made the decision to set an eviction every single episode — including night one.

And as know, while we cannot live vote (yet!) the cast nominate each other for eviction and then vote each other out — Survivor-style. We also know that the Big Brother house is full of twists and surprises and while it looks a little different (secret bunkers and rooms), it houses (pun intended) new eco-friendly features which include sustainable plantation timber, rainwater and two living green walls.

Big Brother Australia is already shaping up to be the best yet with physical, endurance and skill-based challenges every day, housemates forming alliances, strategies in place and a fight to ultimately become the last one standing.

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