We Need to Know: Is Australian Survivor Still on Tonight?

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This season of Australian Survivor: Blood Vs Water has been one of the most unpredictable seasons yet, with twists, turns and shocking betrayals in every episode.

Blood Vs Water began with a bang, when two-time winner and Queen of Survivor, Sandra Diaz-Twine herself, entered the competition with her daughter, Nina Twine.

Sandra is the second U.S. Survivor alum to play Australian Survivor, after infamous villain Russell Hantz appeared on Australian Survivor: Champions Vs. Contenders back in 2018. He was the first person voted out of the Champions tribe.

We asked Sandra if she spoke to Russell before coming down under to join the show, since they both appeared on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains together back in 2010.

“No,” she said. “Russell is one of my true enemies in life. We do not talk. He’s always coming after me for various things. Just recently I was telling someone, I was like, ‘if Russell didn’t already hate me and Australian Survivor enough, he’s gonna hate this!’ He is gonna hate that I’m out there!”

Sandra said that joining the show was a way for her to pass the torch on to her daughter Nina.

“She’s capable, she knows the game, I hope that American Survivor watches and says ‘damn, we messed up passing on her!’ She’s ready for whatever comes next!” she said.

Unfortunately, Nina was forced to withdraw from the game after she fractured her ankle in a challenge, just one of the ways this season of Australian Survivor has proved to be one of the most physically gruelling yet.

We’ve also seen contestants Sam Gash and Shay Lajoie pass out after competing in endurance challenges, and Alex Frost was also forced to withdraw from the game after injuring his back early in the season.

It’s not just the intense climate of the Charter Towers filming location that the contestants have to tackle, though. This season has proved to be one of the most emotionally charged yet, with loved ones betraying each other left and right for a shot at the title of Sole Survivor.

So far, we’ve seen Nina vote out her own mother, KJ Austin vote out her own sister, Sophie Cachia, and we’ve watched tensions rise between Sam and her husband, Mark Wales as they play together.


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With three people, Shay, Jordie and KJ, now all voted out to purgatory, we simply have to know, will we be able to see how this plays out tonight?

It’s Labour Day in Victoria today, so is Australian Survivor still on tonight?

Thankfully, yes it is! Australian Survivor: Blood Vs Water will air as normal tonight, at 7.30pm, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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