Int’l Burger Day Is May 28 — These Are the Best Deals to Feast on

international burger day deals

Sunday, May 28, is International Burger Day, also known as the greatest day of the year. Many burger joints around Australia are stepping things up on the day, with offers, special burgers, and more being dished up.

Here are all of the deals you need to know about for International Burger Day in 2023.

  • Royal Stacks has partnered with Sacred Heart Mission, donating $2 from every burger sold from its limited-edition & Juliet the musical menu to help combat homelessness between 28 May to 30 June. Three burgers named after and created by & Juliet cast members are available (‘Shakespeare’ $17.40, ‘Angelique ‘$16.90 and ‘Juliet’ $15.50) across Emporium, Collins St, Brunswick, Doncaster, Preston, Moorabbin and Chadstone stores.
  • The Mercantile has created a burger so crazy, it works; introducing The Merc’s deep fried beef burger with smoky Jameson sauce and smashed avo, covered in mozzarella sauce. Available all day on 28 May.
  • Get in quick and grab yourself a $15 classic bundle including a classic burger (choice of Betty’s Classic, Betty’s Classic Plant or Crispy Chicken), French fries and soft drink of choice at Betty’s Burgers.
  • Wrap your hands around Toastie Smith’s hamburger steak toastie, a delicious fusion of a Japanese hamburger and toastie sandwich.
  • Celebrate International Burger Day with a juicy, oven-baked chicken burger with a Korean twist, from Goobne.

international burger day deals

  • Enjoy a signature Mecca Bah Burger ($30) with a flame-grilled beef patty in pomegranate molasses, melted cheese, tomato relish, a hint of harissa sauce and rocket. Served on a homemade North African burger bun accompanied by Moroccan battered fries & aioli. Available daily at Mecca Bah.
  • Drop by ASLAN to try their one-of-a-kind Balinese chicken burger with shredded chicken breast marinated in a spiced Balinese salsa made from chillies, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and toasted shrimp paste, topped with gherkin and greens on a milk bun. Available for lunch on 28 May.
  • Indulge in a Middle-Eastern-inspired lamb kofta burger with hummus, zhoug, shifka (pickled hot yellow peppers), tomato, onions and amba (mango pickle) at Terrace by Tayim.
  • Slim’s Quality Burger is offering $1 cheeseburgers through web and app orders only.
  • Greasy Fingers wine has stacked up an offer like no other, giving away hundreds of free burgers across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast for World Burger Day. Purchase a glass of Greasy Fingers at a participating venue to get your free burger. There’s a catch. You have to be one of the first 100 people to order in venue. Ready for the venues?
    • Marrickville Bowls, Sydney
    • Donny’s Sydney
    • Virtue Bar and Eats, Brisbane
    • Tropic Vice, Gold Coast
    • B-East, Melbourne

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