Will Harry Styles or Timothée Chalamet Wear These Pants First?

Both wildly talented members of Hollywood’s millennial class — Harry Styles for his stand-out vocals and actor Timothée Chalamet for the fact he’s this generation’s Leonardo DiCaprio (the hill I will die on) — the 20-somethings both also have impeccable red carpet game.

Time and time again, Styles and Chalamet have proved themselves as trendsetters for their androgynous styling and no-fucks-given approach to event dressing. Which is why I immediately thought of them when I first laid eyes upon these unconventional trousers.

A design by Harikrishnan, the pants were debuted at the London College of Fashion’s MA20 catwalk show which according to Dezeen, celebrated 20 years of postgraduate fashion courses at the university.

Harikrishnan was one of 20 designers who showcased creations at the runway event, though nothing could stand out quite as much as his inflatable latex trousers, which are comprised of 30 individual panels and are pumped up with air through a valve at the base of the ankle.

The Hari pants are individualistic and eye-catching. Image: Rayxchung

They’re outrageous, they’re outlandish, they’re outstanding; and they’re destined to be donned by either one of the only fashion icons in modern-day Hollywood who could pull them off: Styles or Chalamet.

So really, the question is which of their stylists will get their hands on them first? My money is on Styles (though I would love nothing more than to see my ultimate dreamboat Chalamet wearing his balls as pants).

It’s just that with the release of his latest album Fine Line, and with the full knowledge Styles has a penchant for wearing more unconventional garments in his music videos and album cover art (while Chalamet simply cannot resist a tailored pant on the red carpet), it’s a safer bet at this stage to go with Styles the bell-bottom-pant-loving style icon.

I can’t believe this is where journalism has taken me today. Please validate the time I just spent writing this piece of investigative gold by letting me know who will likely wear these pants first.
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