A Melbourne Sex Toy Store with Pleasure Products for People Living with Disabilities


XES is an online store providing sex toys and pleasure products for every body. The platform is founded by Isabella Burstin and Gabriel Volchek, a Melbourne-based couple who have a background in rehabilitation and occupational therapy, plus who advocate for sexual wellbeing, empowerment, accessibility, inclusivity and pleasure.

On a mission to educate and empower, XES’s founders have curated a well-researched collection of premium, accessible and ergonomic products that cater to everyone, though the brand has a specific focus on “empowering individuals with physical, cognitive and sexual health conditions to engage their sexuality”.

Product-wise, the store stocks a diverse range of toys and accessories. From a Ferticare 2.0 which helps people with spinal cord injury to achieve orgasm to a Ruby Glow hands-free vibrator that’s ideal for those with limited hand function.

There’s a five-piece vaginal dilator set that may be helpful for people with vulvas to use after radiation therapy, following menopause, or during vaginismus, and even an IntimateRider sex chair and sexual positioning device that users with physical disabilities may engage with for assistance.

In addition to its vast range of products, XES is also a platform for education and sharing. The XES blog is a safe space for writers to host conversations and engage in the exploration of important topics that “challenge the stigmatisation of people with physical or cognitive limitations expressing sexual desire”.

On the XES blog, you’ll find sex-positive stories and articles that debunk myths. Some recently published articles include: 5 Ways Being Disabled Impacts My Sexuality, My Reproductive Organs Hate Me, and Dating with a Side of Polyamory.

“Our intention is to host a safe space that facilitates much-needed dialogue around topics that don’t have a place in everyday conversation and to debunk myths that exclude certain people from exploring their sexuality,” the site reads.

Further to the site’s offering, its functionality is designed in every way to promote accessibility. An ‘Accessibility’ button on every page lets browsers modify their experience on the site according to their needs, alternate text on all images helps those that use screen readers to better understand the products, and each product has an ‘Access with Xes’ section that outlines its accessible features and benefits.

You can find out more about the XES mission now and browse the store’s range of products online.

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