Impossible Burgers Have Just Landed In Australia

impossible burger australia

I’m a meat-eater, always have and always will be, although when I had my first taste of Impossible beef at Bareburger on 46th Street, I was duped. Thinking it was beef, I was in awe of the texture and taste. For those who don’t know, Impossible Foods is the highest-ranked meatless brand in the U.S. You might have seen Jay Z tucking into one as an investor, or heard the slogan “Fake meat that bleeds.”

For a meatless brand to survive in the capital of deep-fried fast food charnel houses, that’s a big accomplishment. Now that they’ve conquered the American market, California-based Impossible Foods has landed in Australia and New Zealand, ready to dupe the Aussies and Kiwis, who let’s face it, love a good barbecue.

The award-winning plant-based meat is now available at more than 150 restaurants across the country, including Grill’d and Butter.

Grill’d is offering the Impossible™ Burger range, featuring a Simply Grill’d Impossible™, Cheeseburger Impossible™, Garden Goodness Impossible™, and Australian Impossible™. I was lucky enough to try the range and that first bite took me back to 46th Street.

At Butter, they finally have a plant-based meat alternative and what better place to start than Impossible Foods.

Anticipating Impossible Beef’s arrival down under, Co-Owner and Executive Chef of Butter Sydney Julian Cincotta said, “We love the way Impossible Foods has approached the problem of climate change by producing plant-based meat that really does taste and function like conventional meat. I’m excited by what I can make with Impossible Beef. It’s such a versatile product that allows me to show my range really well.”

Butter is now serving an Impossible™ Cheeseburger and Impossible™ Classic Burger at its Chatswood and Parramatta outposts and will be releasing a surprise new Impossible™ Burger recipe every fortnight. Under Butter’s home-delivery brand Mumma Julian’s, the team will be offering Impossible™ Lasagne and an Impossible™ Meatball Sub for an indulgent at-home feast, inspired by Julian’s Italian heritage

Later this month, Butter will be launching an Impossible Pop-Up in The Rocks in Sydney, featuring a full menu made exclusively with Impossible Beef. Diners will be able to experience a full menu made exclusively with Impossible Beef that showcases the culinary creativity of chef Julian with dishes like an Impossible™ Chilli Cheeseburger, Impossible™ Katsu and American Impossible™ Chilli Cheese Fries.

This article originally appeared on Thrillist.

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