‘I’m a Celeb’ Winner Skye Wheatley on the Moment that Left Her “Forever Traumatised”

An interview with I'm a Celebrity's Skye Wheatley

When Skye Wheatley first learnt that she won Australia’s beloved reality show — I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! — she was almost lost for words. The former Big Brother star couldn’t believe she was voted Queen of the Jungle and won $100,000 for Bully Zero, a charity she’s very passionate about.

“This is the best,” Skye said in the immediate aftermath. “I feel blessed to have this opportunity and have gone through all the things I’ve gone through.”


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As it stands, Skye is still reeling from the fact she won. In an interview with The Latch, which took place a day after the finale, she said that the news still hadn’t sunk in.

“It’s so surreal,” Skye said. “It’s very strange to think about. My partner kept asking me, ‘How do you feel? How do you feel?’, And I’m like, ‘I don’t know, I’m in shock’.”

“But I’m so grateful to have had Australia’s support. It means everything to me. And to win money for my charity, that was the most amazing feeling. I achieved so much while I was there.”

But while Skye is delighted to have won I’m a Celebrity, she admits that her time on the show wasn’t always easy. Not only did she live in South Africa’s Kruger National Park for several weeks, she also had to undergo some tough challenges while living there.

For Skye, the first challenge she faced was the hardest by far. According to her, it was all of her deepest fears rolled into one.

“I got dropped into a puddle of water and then a bunch of crocodiles were swimming around me,” Skye said. “And the lights were going off.”

“I will forever be traumatised by that.”

Skye Wheatley’s I’m a Celebrity Charity

On I’m a Celebrity, Skye Wheatley competed on behalf of Bully Zero, Australia’s leading bullying prevention charity. Bully Zero’s mission is to prevent and reduce bullying through evidence-based education and advocacy work.


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Skye is the proud mum of two boys, Bear and Forest. She wants to live in a version of Australia where they won’t bully others or be bullied themselves.

“I want to teach my boys how to be kind to people and how to stand up for people who are getting bullied,” Skye said. “I want to drill into them: ‘It’s not cool to pick on someone or bully anyone. That’s not how we act.’ I feel like it’s my duty as a mum to teach them that. I will continue to drill that into them because it’s something that I’m really passionate about.”

Skye Wheatley: The Next Adventure

Skye Wheatley is still in South Africa. But when she gets to Australia, she’s excited to enjoy some R&R.

“I’m looking forward to a good haircut,” Skye said. “I feel like the campfire burnt the ends of my hair off. I mean, it sounds shallow, but yes, this girl needs a good haircut. And a good scrubbing. I’ll maybe go to a spa, get everything cleaned up, it’s quite dirty in the jungle.”

But beyond getting a haircut, Skye would like to jump into some more reality TV shows. She said she’d like to have another crack at winning Big Brother, as she only came third on her season.

“I would love to do Big Brother again, but I feel like I’d have to go to the UK or America to do it. Because unfortunately, it’s not on in Australia anymore,” Skye said. “But Big Brother is my ride or die.”

If you want to rewatch Skye becoming the winner of I’m a Celebrity 2024, you can do so on the 10 Play app.

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