From Riddles to Reveals: Deciphering All the ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here’ Clues

Deciphering I’m a Celebrity’s 2024 clues

One of Australia’s favourite reality series — I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! — always has a stacked cast. For instance, last year starred the netball icon Liz Ellis, the celebrity chef Anna Polyviou, and Home and Away’s Debra Lawrance, among others. If you want to watch a bunch of stars compete in some hardcore wilderness challenges, then this series was tailored for you. 

But while the 2024 cast of I’m a Celebrity will undoubtedly be amazing, Network 10 hasn’t revealed who’s been hired. What that have done, though, is drop a series of cryptic hints and clues. That’s right, folks! It’s time to guess who will be on I’m a Celebrity’s 2024 season. 

Fortunately for you, we’ve taken a crack at deciphering I’m a Celebrity’s 2024 clues. Here’s who we think will star in this show.

I’m a Celebrity’s 2024 Clues

The Love Rat

The first contestant on I’m a Celebrity’s list is being described as a love rat and a bad boy. Additionally, I’m a Celebrity is claiming that he will break the other contestant’s hearts.

As it stands, everyone believes that this star could be the Network 10 darling, Ciarran Stott. This is because he was a fan favourite on The Bachelorette 2019 and became a villain on Bachelor in Paradise 2020. On Bachelor in Paradise, his callus attitude towards love hurt a plethora of his fellow contestants.

In December of 2022, Ciarran stated that he wanted to be on I’m a Celebrity. Perhaps his wish has come true.

The AFL Legend

Next on the list, we have an AFL Hall of Famer who has also won a premiership. However, I’m a Celebrity is saying that he can’t “dodge”. 

Numerous I’m a Celebrity fans believe that these clues are referencing a name that rhymes with the word dodge, Luke Hodge. Over the course of Luke’s career, he won a premiership for Hawthorn and three premierships for the Brisbane Lions. In 2024, Luke will be inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame.

The Celebrity Cook

On I’m a Celebrity 2024, there’ll be a celebrity cook, one that competes with flair. They are also known for working with unexpected ingredients. 

The I’m a Celebrity fan base believes these clues point to MasterChef Australia’s Khanh Ong. This is because Khanh is a cook, not a chef. He’s also known for using unique ingredients in his recipes.

The International Comedian

In a shocking twist, one of Australia’s I’m a Celebrity cast members isn’t an Aussie celebrity. They are instead an international comedian, one that’s loved by the “Royals” and met the Irwins before.

According to the I’m a Celebrity fanbase, these clues could be referring to Russell Howard. Russell is best known for starring on Mock the Week and creating the satirical Russell Howard’s Good News. He’s also done numerous performances at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Earlier this year, he met Robert Irwin, the co-host of I’m a Celebrity, at Queensland’s Australia Zoo.

The Gold Medalist

In the 2024 season of I’m a Celebrity, they have an Olympian on their hands. This athlete has also won a gold medal and will be attending this year’s Paris Olympic Games.

We believe that this celebrity is Keegan Palmer. Keegan is an Aussie skateboarder who won gold at the Olympics’ inaugural skateboarding event back in 2020. He is also currently training for Paris.

The International Stage Sensation

According to an I’m a Celebrity trailer, an international stage sensation is leaving their famous family to be on this show. But who could this star be?

Well, the I’m a Celebrity fan base thinks it could be Jack Osbourne, the son of the heavy metal singer, Ozzy Osbourne. Earlier this year, it was reported that Jack travelled to South Africa for an unnamed media project. I’m a Celebrity is filmed in this country.

A Glamorous Sports Star

The gold medalist isn’t the only sports player entering the I’m a Celebrity jungle. According to a trailer, another icon will be joining the game. This other sensation is glamorous and has been on magazine covers.

All these clues point to the Matildas’ forward and midfielder Mary Fowler. In 2023, she was on the cover of Marie Clare’s Women Of The Year special.

The National Treasure

During a recent I’m a Celebrity trailer, it’s revealed that one of the newbies will be a Logie winner. This trailer also refers to said person as a “national treasure.”

This wasn’t too much information to work with, but thankfully, Network 10 released a second trailer. In this second trailer, I’m a Celebrity’s guest is wearing bright red nail polish. 


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According to the I’m a Celebrity fanbase, this nail polish is the exact same shade that Denise Drysdale wears. Denise is best known for being one of the hosts of Hey Hey It’s Saturday and co-hosting Studio 10. In 1975 and 1976, she won the Logie for Most Popular Female Personality.

The Hollywood Child Star

Breaking news, a Hollywood child actor is going to be on I’m a Celebrity this year.

Some I’m a Celebrity sleuths believe it will be Soleil Moon Frye. As a kid, Soleil starred in the American sitcom Punky Brewster. She played the titular character Penelope.

The Controversial TV Star

Last but not least, we have a controversial TV star. In the teaser trailer, this fact is confirmed by a “roving” reporter. 

As it stands, I’m a Celebrity’s fans believe that this celebrity will be the comedian Rove McManus. Across Rove’s historic career hosting talk shows, he’s made many controversial jokes. What’s more, the name Rove is a lot like the word roving.

I’m a Celebrity’s start date is Sunday, March 24. It will be airing on Network 10 and stream live on 10 Play on Demand. Miss this episode? Catch up on 10 Play.

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