Who Has Gone Into The Aussie Jungle? The ‘I’m A Celeb’ Australia Cast Revealed

I'm a Celev

What do Crocodile Dundee, The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert, Kenny, Muriel’s Wedding, Strictly Ballroom, Picnic At Hanging Rock and Mad Max all have in common? They’re iconically Australian.

With January 3 approaching fast, you can bet that we’re already gearing up for the premiere of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. The Australian edition.

Unlike previous seasons, which has been filmed in the South African jungle (thanks, COVID), this year famous Australian faces will head into the Aussie bush at a site near Murwillumbah in NSW.

While it may look a little different, there’s one thing we can always count on. In addition to the cheese-fest of banter from Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris, it’s the array of misfit celebrities that put themselves up for the torture of facing their fears and leaving behind their creature comforts. And one of them has even already revealed they had an affair while on the show. Yikes.

So, who is going into the jungle? The full cast list revealed.

Adam Densten and Symon Lovett

I'm a Celeb

Alli Simpson

Colin Fassnidge

I'm a Celeb

Pettifleur Berenger

Robert “Dipper” Dipierdomenico

Toni Pearen

Mel Buttle

I'm a Celeb

Jack Vidgen

Paulini Curuenavuli

I'm a Celeb

Grant Denyer

I'm a Celeb

Jess Eva

I'm a Celeb

Abbie Chatfield

Travis Varcoe

Ash Williams

More to come…


Here are all of the I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here Australia 2021 clues in one place.

Soap Star

“Will this celeb be streets ahead? Only time will tell if this star of the street will strut away with the crown, but we’ll let you in on a secret: she’s going to need all the soap she can get in there.

Here’s hoping she doesn’t get cold feet and make a hasty retreat.”

WHO IS IT: Soap and a street. It has got to be a Neighbours star, right?

Blonde Bombshell

“Not one to shy away from a challenge, this beauty is bound to jump into the Aussie jungle headfirst.

Will she succeed in conquering creepy crawlies or will she let the snakes slither all over her?

What we do know about this blonde, is that she loves playing the villain… but to many, she’s become a hero.”

Radio Star

“Radio hosts are renowned for oversharing every aspect of their lives on air, but will time in the Aussie jungle see this celebrity reveal too much?

Curious to know who it might be? One thing’s for sure, we hope she likes bugs for breakfast when she swaps her alarm clock for a body shock in our Aussie jungle.”

WHO IS IT: We’re putting our money on Jackie O Henderson from KIISFM or Ash London from the HIT Network.


“Entering the Aussie jungle, is a great singer who has sung on the world stage and now will be singing for his supper.

Will a killer voice be enough to end on a high note and claim King of the Jungle? Or will coming face-to-face with creepy crawlies send them off-key?”

WHO IS IT: We’ve had a lot of Aussie celebrities sing on a global scale so really, it could be any of them. If Guy Sebastian is not tied to The Voice, maybe he will be the one going in? We doubt they’ll recycle Isaiah Firebrace and Cody Simpson, who both appeared on The Masked Singer, however, who it is, is anyone’s guess!


Here’s a hint: when he was in the Hollywood jungle, he had anger management issues.

An emotionally-charged comedian who tussled with Tinseltown, and is brave enough to laugh in the face of creepy critters? Hilarious.

Reality TV Star

“Roll out the red carpet, because the latest celebrity to enter the Aussie jungle is a star. A reality TV star to be exact.

Only time will tell if this star will be a smiling assassin or a straight shooter. But let us leave you with this little tidbit: they’re having one last manicure before the claws come out. Intrigued? You should be.”

WHO IS IT? Abbie Chatfield. Because who else has made waves in 2020?

Opinionated Twosome

“Not content with being separated, this duo is never seen too far apart from one another. They’re the yin to each other’s yang, the salt to their pepper, the meat pie to their tomato sauce. That got you thinking? Let’s give you a hint: This opinionated twosome is used to dishing it out… but now the shoe is on the other foot.”

WHO IS IT? Twosome. Opinionated. Meat pie to their tomato sauce… We’re thinking Goggleboxand we’re thinking Lee and Keith. Well, we’re hoping!

Brownlow Medalist

“Shh… keep this clue on the down-low. What rhymes with down-low? Brownlow! If you guessed that tough one correctly then let us reward you with our latest celebrity clue.

This Brownlow medal winner may have what it takes to ace it on the footy field but will they make their mark on their new Aussie jungle home?

Will they be crowned King of the Jungle or bomb out entirely.”

WHO IS IT? We’re thinking it’s an Essendon Bomber’s player thanks to the clue. There have only been eight players who have ever won a Brownlow though, and none of them is named “Mark”.

Fans have guessed 2012 Brownlow Medal winner, Dustin Fletcher. Could they be on the right track?

A Renowned Chef

“Used to stirring up the heat in the kitchen, will this renowned chef have what it takes to make the cut to become the second kitchen maestro to claim the King or Queen crown?

They may think that because we’re staying home this year it’ll be a piece of cake but will eating critters get the batter of them?”

WHO IS IT: With all the cake references, we’re looking at a renowned pastry chef. Could it be Darren Purchese who frequents the MasterChef kitchen or even famed chef with the pink mohawk, Anna Polyviou?

We could be on the right track, but according to the Daily Mail, it’s Colin Fassnidge who is set to enter camp.

A True Diva

“And with a true diva also set to head into our Aussie jungle, will they become the best of campmate friends or will our diva create friction to cause fire?”

WHO IS IT: Here’s hoping Lindsay Lohan can clear quarantine and make her way into the Aussie bush — because what other diva has fire(y) red hair! However, if she can’t get into the country, then maybe it’s Marcia Hines who had an album called Diva.

While the clues certainly match Hines, another “diva” could be Paulini Curuenavuli — a former Young Diva, who donned the spider costume on The Masked Singer.

A TV Star

“With one of the biggest names in Aussie TV heading into the jungle, we know you’re searching your small screen knowledge to guess who it could be.

Here’s a hint: why would they be going into the jungle if they’re scared of monsters?

And while it may not be the island holiday they had planned this year, it sure will be remote. Will they have everything under control heading into their new bush home or will they let their fear get the better of them?”

WHO IS IT: Could it be Grant Denyer, arguably one of the biggest stars in Aussie television? He used to drive Monster cars…

More as we get it…

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