One Instagrammer’s IKEA Hack Is the Perfect Tribute to This Designer Lamp


Eny Lee Parker is a New York-based spatial designer, artist and sculptor creating one-of-a-kind objects, furniture and lighting pieces with clay as her primary medium.

Her works, especially those under the lighting category, embrace curves and illuminate natural and organic forms, and are found in the homes of interior obsessives around the world.

Elsa Hosk is a fan, having purchased Eny Lee Parker’s iconic OO Lamp for her own impeccably styled NYC loft.

Parker’s OO Lamps are made-to-order and are handcrafted over a period of 8-12 weeks in her Queens studio, costing around US $3,200 to $4,200 (AU $4,420 to $5,800).

Anyone with the means and desire to purchase one from her absolutely should — lord knows the OO Lamp has been at the top of our interior wish lists since we first happened upon Parker’s work all those years ago, and we hope one day to join Elsa Hosk as an owner of the piece.

But one crafty admirer from Helsinki, Finland, has created a very impressive ode to the OO Lamp, by transforming an affordable IKEA light with a little clay, spray and time.

Instagram user @Katrikukka shared her Eny Lee Parker-inspired lamp to her feed in June, with the caption: “Like everyone else, I’ve also been drooling over the gorgeous “OO Lamp made by Eny Lee Parker.”

“And since my budget unfortunately won’t let me purchase her amazing functional art just yet — I tried recreating her OO Lamp using the IKEA Simrishamn lamp as a base and some Darwi clay. I think it turned out pretty good!”

Parker certainly thinks so, reposting the recreation to her own Instagram story and saying the homage “makes me smile”.

On her story highlights, Katrikukka shares her step-by-step tutorial to recreating her DIY masterpiece. See below for her detailed recreation.

Image: @katrikukka
Image: @katrikukka
Image: @katrikukka

The IKEA lamp Katrikukka used is the Simrishamn table lamp, $59. The lamp arrived at IKEA Australia in the furniture giant’s most recent drop, and is available now to purchase.

The clay, spray and other materials could be purchased from your local hardware store, making the DIY lamp an easy and affordable weekend project.

Should you wish to recreate her handy work, please give credit to both Katrikukka for the inspo and especially artist Eny Lee Parker for her design. While the IKEA hack is a temporary solution to having a sculptural piece like the OO Lamp in the home, it should never replace purchasing from artists.

When purchasing a piece like Parker’s, the cost of creation helps support skilled artisans and keeps interior design evolving.

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