IKEA Launches A Downloadable Colouring-In Workbook


Colouring-in has been found to reduce anxiety, which makes it a great calming activity in isolation and a fantastic way to zone out of the stresses involved in these uncertain times.

I tip my hat to those who had the foresight to buy a colouring-in book pre-isolation (mine’s still on back-order), but thankfully there’s a way to get started on the therapeutic creativity a little sooner, with IKEA‘s downloadable workbook for bored kids (and adults, thank you very much).

IKEA Israel has created a downloadable PDF version of a mock ‘Stay Home Catalogue’, that invites people seeking a creative outlet to inject its pages with colour. While the pages are splashed with outlines of iconic IKEA products, like the Poäng chair and Billy bookshelf, there is also a range of amusing activities.

There’s a full-page maze to navigate a truck to the store, a game of Tic-Tac-KALLAX (using the popular stoage unit as the guide), and a cut-out game of ‘pencil’ ships — kind of like Battleship? Maybe? Truthfully I’ve never played it but this looks fun!

ikea downloadable colouring in book
Source: IKEA

The activity book is available for download on IKEA Israel‘s site, while the English version can be found on the fan-run blog IKEAHackers.

For when you finish the workbook, there are some additional and very satisfying colouring-in sheets from IKEA here.

Still bored? Check out our list of ways to keep busy in isolation.

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