Who’s on the Run? Meet the Fugitives of ‘Hunted’ Australia

hunted australia cast

Hunted is 10’s latest reality TV competition series, and ever since it premiered, we’ve been on the edge of our seats.

Based on the British reality series of the same name, Hunted is Network 10’s latest reality competition program that asks the question: “Could you disappear without a trace?”

Hunted plonks nine pairs of regular, everyday Aussies in the middle of the Melbourne CBD with nothing but $500 and an overnight bag to their names. From there, the aim of the game is to evade capture and survive for 21 days.

Of course, with no phone and a team of expert Hunters hot on their tail, evading capture is no easy feat!

Lead by The Chief, Former Detective Superintendent David Craig, the Hunted team is comprised of some of the world’s best investigators from the Australian Federal Police, Australian Defence Force and British Intelligence. Also on the team are skilled cyber analysts, special ops and private security, and they’re all using their expertise and replicated powers of state. Oh, and then there are the Ground Hunters, who are all boots on the ground Hunters from law enforcement and the likes.

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Our Fugitives have to find a way to beg, borrow, and evade capture for 21 days. They can go anywhere in Victoria while they’re on the run, but they need to be smart if they don’t want to get caught.

Will they be able to do it? Only time will tell, but for any Fugitive who makes it to the end of the 21 day run, they’ll win a share of $100,000, which will be split between however many people remain standing at the end.

Without further ado, here are the nine pairs of Fugitives who will be competing on the very first season of Hunted Australia.

Derek (L), and Courtney (R)

Network Ten

Inspired by this unique chance to be positive role models for family, friends and community, friends Derek and Courtney plan to divert the Hunters’ attention and will rely on Indigenous community links across Victoria.

Grace (L) and Sonny (R)

Grace and Sonny Hunted
Network Ten

Quirky pals Sonny-Joe and Grace plan on using their passion for fashion as weapon of choice against the Hunters, changing their looks to morph into completely new personas. Disguises and decoys will throw the Hunters off their trail, and Sonny-Joe plans to wield his charm to turn strangers into allies.

Jess (L) and Erina-Lea (R)

Jess and Erina-Lea Hunted
Network Ten
Gutsy Gold Coast friends Erina-Lea and Jess both love a challenge and share a feisty sense of fun. These adrenaline-junkies also share a hunger to succeed at anything they do. Outrunning the Hunters now topping their list.

Karen (L) and Brittany (R)

Karen and Brittany Hunted
Network Ten

Aunty and niece Karen and Brittany are the perfect Hunted co-conspirators. Analytical and well-researched, this duo is planning minimal external contact, no pre-planned itineraries and going off grid wherever possible.

Michelle (L) and Angie (R)

Michelle and Angie Hunted
Network Ten

Best friends of 30 years and sisters-in-law Angie and Michelle – aka the ‘Swifty Fifties’ – are grabbing this adventure by the throat. They know they’ll be considered underdogs, but that only serves as further motivation.

Nicholas (L) and Lavinia (R)

Nicholas and Lavinia Hunted
Network Ten

For engaged couple Nick and Lavinia, this is not just an adventure, it’s the ultimate stress-test of their relationship. With a passion for mysteries, Lavinia is ready to insert herself into Hunted’s real-life plot line; while eager survivalist Nick wants to use his considerable outdoors skills to evade the Hunters.

Puneet (L) and Kris (R)

Puneet and Kris Hunted
Network Ten

Sharing a passion for fitness, Puneet and Kris are both disciplined and focussed and where Puneet excels in creativity, Kris will bring critical thought. The pair will rely heavily on their people skills, tapping into their own networks, but also counting on assistance from strangers.

Rob (L) and Jake (R)

Rob and Jake Hunted
Network Ten

Best friends Jake and Rob might appear like chalk and cheese, but they plan on combining their diverse skills to outsmart the Hunters. Jake, a serving police officer, will bring his law enforcement knowledge, while hairdresser and special effects make-up artist Rob will put his skills as a master of disguise to good use.

Stathi (L) and Matt (R)

Stathi and Matt Hunted
Network Ten

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