Holly and Jimi Crowned Winners of ‘Hunted Australia’ 2023

hunted australia winners

Hunted Australia” 2023 came to a heart-stopping end, showcasing the unwavering determination of the remaining four Fugitives. Tharren and Jordan, alongside Holly and Jimi, showcased their strength and wits in a final bid to outsmart the Hunters and secure their freedom. But it was only Holly and Jimi who managed to reach the final Extraction Point in the finale.

The suspenseful race led both Holly and Jimi to outmanoeuvre their pursuers and successfully make it to the waiting helicopter, earning them a well-deserved share of the $100,000 prize.

Holly and Jimi on Their Win

Holly’s sense of disbelief about her victory was evident as she shared, “Never ever imagined that would happen. I always thought it was going to be Josh carrying the team. I never had that belief in myself.”

Her journey had revealed her inner strength, proving her self-worth to herself and the world. “I realised that he (Josh) actually sacrificed himself for me, but it’s so good to be the one lifted from extraction. The last female standing. To be able to show myself, and to show others, I think I’ve well and truly proved that I’m worthy.”

Jimi’s win was equally impactful, prompting him to reflect on his personal growth.

“I wouldn’t change anything about my time on the run. I’ve learned that I am more resilient than I ever thought,” he said.

His experience taught him the power of endurance and the ability to face challenges head-on. Jimi added, “No matter how difficult it was, no matter how challenging it was, I knew that if I could last 24 hours at a time, I could do this.”

He also shared a touching sentiment about his partner, saying, “I never could’ve done these 24 days without Ed. And with this money, he will finally be able to live his dream of getting a hair transplant in Turkey.”

What Went Down in the “Hunted Australia” Finale

The final moments of the competition played out with the Fugitives racing against time, with just 27 hours remaining until extraction. The tension was palpable as they had to make a phone call for extraction details, knowing it would inevitably alert the Hunters.

Their journey led them to Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), where the chopper was headed. The Hunters swiftly mobilised in response, converging on the MCG to secure their capture.

Amidst the chaos, Jordan and Tharren experienced a mix-up that ended in their capture after an emotional pursuit. Holly and Jimi took advantage of the diversion created by the chopper’s landing, allowing them to make their final run to the helicopter.

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