It’s Time to Meet the Fugitives of ‘Hunted Australia’ 2023

Hunted Australia 2023: Meet the cast

Everyone’s favourite game of cat and mouse is back. Last year, Hunted Australia took the nation by storm, and quickly become a favourite for Aussies everywhere. Now, it’s back for Season 2, and that means one thing: It’s time to meet the cast of Hunted Australia 2023.

Once again, 10 pairs of ordinary Aussies will be released into the middle of Melbourne, with limited resources and funds to make use of. Their mission? To go undetected and evade capture for 21 days.

It’s no easy feat for our Fugitives, though, because our team of Hunters, led by Dr David Craig, are experts in their fields. The team of Hunters includes former members of the Australian Federal Police, Australian Defence Force and British Intelligence, alongside skilled cyber analysts and intel experts. And unlike the Fugitives, they have all the resources at their fingertips — from cutting-edge technology to all their combined real-life experience.

But our Fugitives are anything but quitters, and with their share of $100,000 on the horizon, they’ll do anything to make it to the extraction point.

Let’s meet the Fugitives.

Hunted Australia 2023 Cast: Meet the Fugitives

Bayan and Eesha

Hunted Australia Fugitives Bayan and Eesha
Network Ten

Ben and Callum

Hunted Australia Fugitives Ben and Callum
Network Ten

Cath and Kel

Hunted Australia Fugitives Cath and Kel
Network Ten

Ed and Jimi

Hunted Australia Fugitives Ed and Jimi
Network Ten

Elerrina and Sonja

Hunted Australia Fugitives Elerrina and Sonja
Network Ten

Gracie and Megan

Hunted Australia Fugitives Gracie and Megan
Network Ten

Holly and Josh

Hunted Australia Fugitives Holly and Josh
Network Ten

Jordan and Tharren

Hunted Australia Fugitives Jordan and Tharren
Network Ten

Tanase and Byron

Hunted Australia Fugitives Tanase and Byron
Network Ten

Taylah and Glenn

Hunted Australia Taylah and Glenn
Network Ten

Hunted Australia airs at 7.30pm, Sunday — Thursdays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up on 10 Play.

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