Don’t Miss a Bite: Where and When to Watch ‘MasterChef Australia’ 2024

How to watch MasterChef Australia 2024

Australia is currently starving for a great cooking show. We’re hungry for the drama of a burnt soufflé, all we want is a battle of the soups. Fortunately for us, this dream is about to come true. A new season of MasterChef Australia is coming for us to watch. 

MasterChef Australia 2024 will feature around 20 Aussie chefs battling in a series of challenges. They’ll compete in the mystery box challenges and team cook-offs we know and love, and put their skills to the test for the guest judges. Eventually, one of these hopeful home cooks will be crowned the winner, and walk away with $250,000.

However, it’s not all going to be business as usual. This year, three MasterChef Australia episodes will take place in Hong Kong. The city is home to 77 Michelin-starred restaurants and over 15,000 dining establishments, which makes it the perfect place for some culinary challenges.

According to the judge Andy Allen, these three episodes are going to be especially thrilling. In a press statement, Andy said that this was his first time exploring this food-centric city.

“I’ve been really interested in the place for a long time,” Andy said. “I see the city’s array of food is off the charts: it’s a melting pot of different cultures, bold flavours, and one-of-a-kind ingredients.”

“Blending Michelin-starred restaurants with bustling street markets, it seems to have this world-class food culture going on. It’s so good that now myself, the other judges, and contestants can finally get amongst it this season.”

If you want to watch the Hong Kong episodes of MasterChef Australia, plus the rest of the season, then we have got you sorted. Here’s how you can watch MasterChef Australia in 2024.

How to Watch MasterChef Australia 2024

MasterChef Australia will premiere at 7.30pm on Monday, April 22, on Network 10 and 10 Play on Demand. If you miss an episode, never fear! You can always catch up on 10 Play.

While Network 10 hasn’t confirmed the days it will be airing MasterChef Australia each week yet, we can assume that it will follow previous years. We’d expect for it to air from Monday to Thursday in the first week, and then from Sunday to Wednesdays from week two onward. Watch this space, though! We’ll update this article once we know more.

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