How to Watch LEGO Masters 2021 — The Year’s Most Addictive TV Show

lego masters 2021

If you’ve ever wanted to revel in childhood nostalgia whilst giggling at the quips from funny man Hamish Blake — well, do we know just the show for you. LEGO Masters.

While the name does give away the general premise of the show; people attempting to become the master(s) of, well, LEGO (yes, the tiny, colourful bricks that caused the bottom of your foot pain like no other, on many occasion).

The show has been running for two years, and returned earlier this year for its third season — and according to our sources over at POPSUGAR Australia, has just been renewed for two more seasons.

Eight teams — in teams of two — take on new builds, twists, and millions of lego bricks to become the LEGO Masters. Oh, and there’s a prize of $100,000.

It’s not just about the simple house you’d make to try and raise lizards in (just my siblings and I? Okay). These teams are creating wheel-less vehicles, castles (that are smashed by bowling balls) and more. When we say the phrase “moving parts” we mean it.

Don’t worry, the LEGO is not just judged by Hamish Blake — Ryan “Brickman” McNaught is the official judge. Oh, and he’s also the sole LEGO Certified Professional in the southern hemisphere.

As for where to watch LEGO Masters? It’s available on Channel Nine, every Monday and Tuesday night at 7:30 pm, and every Sunday night at 7 pm.

And if you want to catch up before the finale? Don’t worry, the 9Now website has the first eight episodes; so don’t brick it, you’ve still got time.

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