Farmer Wants a Wife: Meet the Farmers on the Look Out for Love

how to watch farmer wants a wife

Real love is back, back, back again.

That’s right, folks, Farmer Wants a Wife is returning to our screens shortly, and this year, there’s one very noticeable difference: there’s a female farmer!

Farmer Paige, 27, is from Cassilis, NSW, and is the show’s very first female farmer to be looking for her soulmate. Technically, she’s looking for a husband, not a wife, but whatever!

In the recently released teaser trailer for the season, Farmer Paige can be heard saying: “I know my guy is out there, I just haven’t met him yet.”

Joining Paige are four male farmers, who are featured in the trailer below.

There’s Farmer Will, who’s 26 and from Berriwillock, Victoria. He says that love “underpins who [he is]” as a person, adding: “I wanna give my life to someone.”

Then there’s Farmer Harry, who’s just 23 years old and from Kyabram, Victoria. He says that “love is something you just can’t live without.”

There’s Farmer Ben, who’s 27 and from Wingham, NSW. He’s on the series because he hopes “to find a wife and get married”.

Rounding out the pack, there’s Farmer Benjamin, who’s 33 and from Guyra, NSW. “Let’s have a yarn, let’s have a chin wag, let’s get busy living!” he exclaims in the trailer.

The five farmers are all ready to take a leap of faith and pursue real love, and this year, they’ll have the help of Samantha Armytage, who’s joining the show to help host Natalie Gruzlewski steer the farmers toward their soul mates.

“I fell in love with a farmer myself, so I can’t wait to help them find the one,” Armytage says in the trailer.

In a statement, Armytage added that she is “thrilled to be joining Farmer Wants a Wife in 2022″.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of the show and of country people, and I know first-hand that falling in love with a farmer is just about the most wonderful thing you can do,” she said.

While there’s no official premiere date just yet, Farmer Wants a Wife will air on 7 and 7 Plus. Stay tuned, and we’ll update this post as soon as we know more!

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