The Cleansing Bar This Makeup Artist Uses to Soothe Skin After Wearing a Mask

Cleansing Bar

Sydney-based makeup artist Filomena Natoli has revealed on her Instagram Stories how she is treating her skin after hours of wearing a face mask for work. The magic product is a simple facial cleansing bar.

“Now that wearing a mask on set is my new norm which I am so happy to do, I have found from wearing it hours on end it is messing with my skin, on the days I do wear it when I take it off my skin feels irritated, bumpy and broken out on some days,” Natoli wrote on her Instagram Stories.

“I think it’s the lack of fresh air to my skin. I’ve spoken to some other artists who have experienced the same thing.”

Natoli told her followers that she’s been wearing an N95 mask while working on photo shoots and as soon as she gets home after a full day of mask-wearing, she cleanses her face with the Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar.

Erno Laszlo
Photo: Erno Laszlo

“This Erno Laszlo facial soap deeply cleanses my skin of the impurities trapped on from mask-wearing, without stripping my skin,” Natoli wrote. “My skin feels soft and smooth straight after. Not an ad just thought I’d share if anyone else is experiencing skin unrest from mask-wearing.”

This cleansing bar works to provide a deep cleanse without drying or dehydrating the skin and has been a beauty favourite for decades. Dr. Laszlo himself was a skincare expert to the stars including Katharine Hepburn and Greta Garbo — so, it’s most definitely a cult brand.

“I put its effectiveness down to the fact that it contains herbivore bamboo charcoal to detoxify and draw out impurities along with Dead Sea mud for light exfoliation and clarity,” Natoli wrote on Instagram. “It is suitable for dry, oily and combo skin.”

The Deep Sea Mud in the bar contains 26 minerals that nourish and defend the skin and the antibacterial properties help to curb any breakouts. Erno Laszlo recommends using the bar straight after cleansing oil. Simply wet the bar of soap and massage it over your face, “using the rounded corners to stimulate circulation.” Then simply rinse off with warm water and follow with the rest of your skincare routine.

You can purchase the Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar from Adore Beauty for $58.

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