Are Your Probiotics Working? Here Are the Signs to Look Out for

probiotic proof

Probiotics — those little working dudes in your gut — can be supplemented via natural sources including kimchi, yoghurt, sauerkraut, kombucha and miso. They can also be supplemented via, unsurprisingly, supplements.

So we know all things gut health — but how do you know when your gut, and the probiotics you’ve been providing it with, is actually working?

Well, according to dietitian Chelsea McCallum, who was speaking to Bustlethere are six ways you can tell whether your probiotics are working. Keen to find out what they are? Well, read on.

Probiotic Proof #1: Pooping

Period poops are a thing, pooping apps are a thing. And the thing that will tell you if your gut is well? You guessed it, pooping — more specifically, regular pooping.

When your gut is out of whack, so is your pooping; it can take the form of diarrhoea or constipation. Regular poops are a sign your microbiome is getting healthier once again.

Probiotic Proof #2: Bloating (or lack thereof)

Gas and irregular bowel movements are a sign everything is not alright in gut land — and that often leads to bloating. According to McCallum, if you’re bloating on the regular, your probiotics aren’t doing their job. If they are working without any issue, bloating should subside.

Probiotic Proof #3: Better Immunity

So when your microbiome is out of whack, so too can be your immune system. In fact, Tahli Watts, co-founder of Golden Grind says probiotics can have an immediate effect on the efficiency of the gut to work right, including on things like our immune system.

So if your probiotics are working well, your immune system should be too — meaning you’re sick less often.

Probiotic Proof #4: Stable Mood

Pernille Jensen, naturopath, clinical nutritionist, and founder of The Gut Cø says that experts are beginning to think that “a big part of our emotions is influenced by the nerves in our gut.” There’s a reason the gut is also known as the second brain!

Your probiotics can help regulate that second brain, another sign that they’re working correctly.

Probiotic Proof #5: Improved Skin

Skin problems may fade away with probiotics, according to registered dietitian Alana Kessler. Talking to Bustle, Kessler claims that probiotics can alter the bacteria on your skin — for the better.

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