Doomsday Alert! Spotify Wrapped Season Is Upon Us

Spotify Wrapped

We’re fast approaching the release of Spotify Wrapped 2023, which not only shares what music and podcasts we as individuals listened to, but also what was streamed most in Australia and globally.

Last year, Taylor Swift took out Australia’s most streamed artist, while Harry Styles’ “As It Was” was the country’s most streamed track. The Kid LAROI was Australia’s most-streamed among home-grown talent, with his track “STAY (with Justin Bieber)”, taking number one for Australia’s most-streamed local artist song, followed by his hit “Thousand Miles” at number five.

Album-wise, Harry’s House took the number one spot for Australia’s most-streamed album, followed by fellow Brit, Ed Sheeran, with his album = at number two.

In terms of most popular podcasts in Australia, The Joe Rogan Experience (#1) took out the number one slot, followed by ABC News Briefing (#2), Casefile True Crime (#3),  The Inspired Unemployed (#4) and Call Her Daddy (#5).

Spotify Wrapped

When Is Spotify Wrapped 2023 Released?

While the release date for Spotify Wrapped is never announced ahead of time, we can look to previous year’s launches to get an idea of timing. Last year, it dropped on November 30 and in previous years, it’s come out on December 1 and 2.

The current Spotify Wrapped page reads: “The artists you loved most. The songs and podcasts you had on repeat. And lots more. Keep listening, and we’ll get in touch when it’s ready.”

How to See Your Spotify Wrapped

Once Spotify Wrapped is released, you’ll be able to access it via your Spotify homepage, where you’ll see a dedicated banner. You’ll also see a playlist section dedicated to Spotify Wrapped on your homepage, which includes your full list of most-played songs from the year, as well as other related end-of-year playlists.

Spotify Wrapped has been around since 2016, with new features being added every year. Last year, Spotify added ‘Your Listening Personality’, feature that gives you more insight into your listening taste. You’ll be able to learn which of 16 Spotify-created Listening Personality types you are, based on your 2022 listening trends. Another new feature, ‘Audio Day’, is an interactive story that’ll show how your music taste evolves throughout the day.

In 2021, new features added in-app quizzes that allow listeners to test their skills at predicting the podcasts, artists and even the song-release decade they streamed most. It also added personalised playlists to help you make the most of what you listened to that year.

As for how the listening data is logged, one Reddit user downloaded their data over the years and compared it to their Wrapped to discover some insights, sharing them in 2021.

“You have to listen to a song for more than 30 seconds for it to count in your rankings,” the user wrote. “Your top songs are calculated by play count rather than total time listened. Your total time listening includes podcasts.”

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