How to Look Good on Zoom: 5 Ways to Elevate Your Next Video Conference Call

Zoom call

Once a term for speeding, Zoom is now synonymous with any kind of video conferencing. For most everyone having to work from home, it’s now a regular part of our workdays. And with many workplaces now hinting at remote working still being around post-lockdown, it looks like Zoom is here to stay.

So, if that’s the case, it’s worth spending some time learning how to elevate your Zoom call game. Ahead, careers and connections expert and SmileDirectClub partner, Sally-Anne Blanshard shares her five top tips to help you master your next video conferencing call.

Be Mindful of Your Environment

Consider what your meeting purpose is before starting. If you’re jumping into a client meeting, make sure you’re sitting at your desk with your laptop at an appropriate height, and even consider manually adding a professional background. There’s nothing less professional than the person on the other end of the call slouched on their couch in their PJs, so make sure your background environment is appropriate to the call.

Pay Attention to Video Call Etiquette

There’s nothing worse than having someone butting in over the top of you and not practising proper video call etiquette. Be sure to use your video conferencing app’s features such as Zoom’s Chat Box where you can insert your opinion or contribution to the conversation or its “raise hand” feature, which can avoid the constant interrupting that happens when coming off mute. Make sure you’re present, polite and visible to really make an impact.

Be Aware of Your Body Language

While body language is relevant in all areas of your life, it’s particularly important when you do get in-person time with our colleagues — only virtual time. One easy way to practice positive body language is to smile. Research from SmileDirectClub shows smiling makes people think you are friendly, approachable, warm and welcoming. But smiling is also key to building relationships and rapport within your network remotely. Also, be sure to make eye contact and sit up straight, and also try to mirror the other person’s body language, which can help to build rapport.

Master the Keyboard Shortcuts

Zoom and other video call software have a lot of very valuable functions and features that can really up your video call game. For example, did you know you can share your slides as a virtual background to make your presentation more dynamic? Or that there are a few keyboard shortcuts to go full-screen, share your screen or go on and off mute? There’s nothing that slows down a meeting more than technical difficulties, so be sure to take time to familiarise yourself with all the video call functions to ensure you’re an expert in that field.

Use Video Conferencing for Fun

And finally, one of the best ways you can elevate your Zoom game is to suggest to your team that you all have a social check-in. Create a fun and engaging theme or activity such as Glam Zoom, where you can dressing up every day as if you’re going to an event. Some video conferencing software even has third-party apps, like Heads Up, embedded so you can play games within them. Engaging each person on the call will make them feel seen and will no doubt make anyone in lockdown feel that much more lighter.

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