Burnt Pots and Pans? This Simple Cleaning Hack Could Save You Some Serious Scrubbing

Dirty dishes

If you’ve ever burnt food to the bottom of a pot, you’d know how frustrating — not to mention time-consuming — it is to then clean.

First, you’ll need to soak the pot in hot water and soap and, depending on how much food is stuck, potentially leave it overnight. Then, whatever still hasn’t come out, you’ll need to scrub at until it finally comes out. It’s no wonder that oftentimes, you don’t want to deal with the hassle and wind up just throwing the pot out.

Fortunately, we’ve discovered a hack to make cleaning a burnt pot that much easier. In a video shared to Instagram Reels by cleaning expert Carolina Macauley, the Australian mum-of-two outlines a simple process that requires just four steps. And though it does involve soaking the pot, it’ll still save you the time and energy you would’ve spent scrubbing afterwards.

So, the trick is to use a dishwashing tablet instead of dish soap. In the video, Carolina first drops the tablet into the burnt pot before adding hot water. Next, she lets it soak for awhile, before emptying it into the drain and then rinsing it.

“It comes off easily,” she captions the video. “No hard scrubbing. Like new,” she adds. And, from the looks of the video, the once-burnt pot does look brand-new.

That said, it’s worth noting some of the sceptical comments on the clip. One user wrote that Carolina was using a non-stick pan, which would’ve made the process a lot easier than if she’d been using another kind. Another asked her if she’d considered that she might be clogging her drain. Others, still, suggested using vinegar if you didn’t have a dishwashing tablet handy.

As is always the case with these cleaning hacks, however, simply think of them as inspiration for trying out a different approach. Sure, the hack might not end up working for you, but simply considering there could be another, more efficient way of doing a task is a benefit alone.

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