We’re Giving You the Keys to the City to Help You Be More Sustainable This Summer

how to be more sustainable

While we’re not legally able to give you the key to the city (if there is one), we feel it’s our obligation to provide you with a green guide to your city, helping you make sustainable choices this summer

We’ve partnered with Suncorp Bank to help you unlock the keys to your city. The keys will unlock the secrets behind no-waste bars, explore what’s on offer at local farmer’s markets, and shine a light on the ethical eateries operating under the radar. We will introduce you to trailblazers finding interesting and innovative ways to reduce their impact on the environment. 

You will hear from Marshall Waters, the Melburnian behind ReWine, the bottle shop and bar flipping the industry on its head, and a world-class bartender, turning Sydney’s restaurant waste into delicious cocktails. 

From sustainably sourced ingredients to worm farms and pineapple leaf banquettes, we’re sharing the venues on the east coast, really doing their bit for the planet. 

We’ve even added all of our recommendations to an interactive map so you can have fun exploring the keys to the city in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this summer. Click here to unlock the door and explore now… 

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