Looking for Love (or Instagram Followers)? ‘The Bachelor Australia’ Is Casting Now

Osher Günsberg, host of The Bachelor Australia 2024. Here's how to apply for The Bachelor Australia 2024.

Network 10 has confirmed that The Bachelor Australia will be returning for an 11th season, and the show is casting now. If you’re looking for love, they’re looking for you! That’s right, folks, The Bachelor Australia is looking for applicants. If you want to know how to apply for The Bachelor Australia, we’ve got all the details.

Last year, The Bachelor Australia rebranded to The Bachelors. Unlike previous seasons, The Bachelors served us three very different Bachelors in Felix Von Hofe, Jed McIntosh and Thomas Malucelli. They also traded the fairy lights and candles of Bachelor seasons past, and moved production up to the sunny Gold Coast.

The introduction of three Bachelors meant that we met 30 ladies — 10 for each Bachelor. As you’ll recall, the results were a little chaotic. Did any of the Bachelors find ever-lasting love? No. But was it entertaining television? Yes!

Now, Network 10 is bringing it back, and you could be a part of the fun. While the network hasn’t yet confirmed how many Bachelors they’ll serve us this year, we do know that production is moving to Melbourne.

“The secret with longevity in any relationship is to never take the other person for granted, and always be ready to re-invent the relationship as your needs change over time,” Bachelor host Osher Günsberg said in a press statement.

“The relationship between The Bachelor franchise and our audience is no different, and taking this love story to Melbourne builds on the world-first season we have just seen, allowing us to take Australia’s most romantic dating show to places it has never been before.”

If you’re keen to try your hand at finding love on national television, then we’ve got all the details you need.

How to Apply for The Bachelor Australia 2024

If you’re interested in applying for The Bachelor Australia 2024, there are a few things that need to be checked off the list.

For one, they’re looking for single people who are between the ages of 21 and 50.

Next, it’s all about availability. Obviously, filming is a full time job in itself. You’ll need to be available for up to 12 weeks, and filming is set to begin in July or August 2023. So, either you’ll have a very understanding boss, a ton of annual leave, or a very flexible schedule.

From there, the application process is all about letting the casting crew get to know you.

The application is your time to shine. It’s your chance to show off your personality in all its glory. It’s also your opportunity to tell them what you’re looking for in a partner. You know, all the information they would need to suss out whether you’re the right fit for The Bachelor Australia 2024. If the casting agents are picking up what you’re putting down, they’ll give you a call.

Does this sounds like your kind of thing? Well, head on over to The Bachelor Australia‘s casting page, and get started on your application today!

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