Sick of the City? Applications for ‘Farmer Wants a Wife Are’ Now Open

The cast of Farmer Wants a Wife 2024. Here's how to apply for Farmer Wants a Wife.

Are you tired of the woes of city living? Sick of schlepping into the CBD on public transport and sitting in an office all day? Do you dream of living out your most Instagram-worthy cottagecore existence? If that’s you, Channel 7 has quite the proposition for you. That’s right, Farmer Wants a Wife is looking for applicants for its 2024 season, and you could be some lucky farmer’s soulmate!

Picture this: Instead of spending your days surrounded by concrete and a fast-paced lifestyle no one can ever truly keep up with, you rise with the sun and spend your life outdoors, breathing fresh air and connecting with nature. Instead of endlessly swiping on dating apps, you’ve settled down with the one for you, and you’re building a life together.

Unlike some of the reality dating shows out at the moment, Farmer Wants a Wife has one of the more successful track records when it comes to long-term success stories. Just last season, all five of our Farmers found love!

Now, it could be your turn.

How to Apply for Farmer Wants a Wife 2024

The first step in the process is to head on over to the Farmer Wants a Wife site, and read up on the 2024 Farmers. If one of them sounds like husband material, then it’s time to fill out your application, and tell the casting team — and your Farmer of choice! — why they should select you.

The application will ask you for your contact details and basic information, and then have you fill out a brief questionnaire that will help the producers get to know you a little better.

Next, they’ll ask you about your legal and medical records, and finally, there’s a section where you can upload photos of yourself as well as a video application. That will be your chance to really let your personality shine through, and to show the producers that you need to be cast on the 2024 season!

What are you waiting for? Apply for Farmer Wants a Wife today.

Finally, if you’re a farmer who’s looking for love, there’s still time for you to apply! If you’re ready to find your future wife, you can apply here.

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