Big Brother 2020: Exactly How Tall is Former AFL Player Daniel Gorringe?

Big Brother

Loveable larrikin Daniel Gorringe is already making his mark as an alpha male in the Big Brother house, but it’s not just his personality that makes him a top-dog.

On Tuesday’s episode, Sarah McDougal entered the house — and it was her small stature against the 28-year-old from Melbourne that had everyone talking.

The former AFL footy player, who was fired from not one but two clubs, towered over the 19-year-old Regimental Sergeant Major who stands at just 4 ft 8 — “teeny tiny”, according to fellow housemate Angela Clancy.

According to Channel 7, Gorringe stands at two metres tall or 6 ft 6, but while he may look like a giant, don’t let his height fool you because he’s definitely a BFG (big, friendly giant).

During his professional career as an Aussie Rules footy player, being tall was an advantage for the game and Gorringe played for two teams, Gold Coast and Carlton Football Club.

During his tenure for the Gold Coast, he faced numerous injuries to his ankle and hamstring only managed to play in a handful of games.

When he played for Carlton, his constant injuries were too much and after seven seasons, he retired from the sport.

In an interview with the Herald Sun, Gorringe admitted he used to “call in sick” from the car park, to avoid getting on the field.

“I’d go to training sessions some mornings and pull up in the car park and call the doctor and say, ‘Look, mate, I am sick,’ but I wasn’t sick, I just did not want to go in,” he told the outlet.

Now, his purpose in life is to make everybody laugh.

“I am trying to be the big, tall, idiot of the house,’ he said during the interview.

“My real passion is to make people laugh. I just wanted a reaction. The joke can be terrible but if I get one laugh that is a goal kicked for me. I want to entertain.”

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