Helpful Tips for Growing the Man Bun of Your Dreams

At some point in your life, you’ve probably contemplated growing your hair to a length where you can tie it up and thus, it becomes a man bun. If this time is now, welcome. The man bun has been a constant in hair trends for years now, with Vox pinpointing its rise to popularity around 2013.

There are a number of different man bun styles, including the classic man bun — think Leonardo DiCaprio circa 2015 — as well as the messy man bun (à la Hozier) or the less popular short, back and sides man bun seen on the likes of Colin Farrell.

No matter which style you prefer, they all require you to simply grow your hair out, which is a time-consuming process, we won’t lie. But, there are a few things you can do to make this task a little easier.

Tell your barber

The next time you go to get your hair cut, tell your barber or hairdresser about your hair growth plans. With this information in mind, your hairdresser will be able to cut your hair in a way that makes it easier to grow out without looking super odd. They should also be able to recommend a few products to use on your hair during this time to keep it healthy and smooth down any flyaways.

Embrace the awkwardness

There will come a stage (or several stages) that are just plain awkward. Once your hair reaches your ears, it’ll be extra itchy and annoying and you’ll be tempted to cut it all off. You’ll also reach a phase where your hair is fairly long but not long enough to tie up just yet so you’ll have to deal with it falling into your face.

There are a number of awkward stages during this process and unfortunately, you just have to embrace it as there’s not much to be done. Otherwise, invest in a hat you really like and wear that during these phases, if you wish.

Ease up on the shampoo

During the growing phase, it might be helpful to ease up on how often you’re shampooing your hair. If you’re washing it every day, you’re stripping your hair of its natural oils that are important for keeping your scalp healthy. All Things Hair recommends using conditioner more regularly instead, in order to keep your hair hydrated and build up its strength.

Let it do its thing

While you might be tempted to interfere with your hair a lot during this time, just let it do its thing and grow. It knows what to do and with a little patience, you’ll have long locks in no time. According to All Things Hair, it should take about six months to get your man bun to a length where you can tie your hair up. Happy days!

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