A Clever Couple Dreamt Up 100 Years Of Hogwarts Fashion While in Isolation

Harry Potter

Well, this is absolutely genius!

The Harry Potter series is not only one of the most popular stories in the world, but it has spurred the creative geniuses of those who read it.

In the case of married couple Michael and Hayley Burson, the series has had a profound impact on their relationship.

The pair, who have been doing Potter cosplay since 2016, have created an incredibly satisfying and clever video of 100 Years of Hogwarts Fashion.

Taking the audience through the decades, and set to the magical theme, of course, the couple has altered the Hogwarts uniform to reflect each time period.

Even author J.K Rowling has given her tick of approval by Tweeting the TikTok version of the video (which you can see in full below), with a simple caption: “I loled”.

“We were watching TV, and then Michael clutched his chest and was like, ‘J. K. Rowling’s seen it,'” Hayley, 31, said in an interview with Insider.

In the same interview, Hayley revealed that she and Michael, 29, go to conventions dressed in their wizard cosplay and this fashion concept was “just a quarantine idea”.

We just accumulated a lot of ‘Harry Potter’ clothes, especially Michael,” Hayley told the outlet.

“Fashion history has always been a big interest for both of us, so it just kind of fit into it.”

Michael, a keen sewer is so invested in the franchise, even has the perfect Instagram handle: @TheWizardTailor. Genius.

Hayley, on the other hand, used pieces from other ensembles that she already at home, resulting in the couple not having to leave their house.

The rest they say is history!

WATCH: 100 years of Hogwarts below and follow Hayley and Michael on Instagram.

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