Hemp-Based Face Masks and Hand Sanitiser Are a Thing

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been given the hemp treatment. Now we have well and truly seen it all.

The popularity of hemp products is rising in Australia and CBD products could also soon be available over the counter, pending a decision by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in November.

Hemp can also be found in oil form, as seeds and even formulated into a number of beauty products. And now, thanks to Australian Primary Hemp (APH), in face masks and hand sanitiser.

The inclusion of cold-pressed hemp seed oil in the Hemp & Bush Mint Hand Sanitiser is actually pretty genius as hemp oil is great for your skin. You can use hemp oil topically on your face as well as it improves the functioning of your skin and doesn’t clog your pores.

And because it improves the composition of fats in your outermost layers of skin, it can also have an anti-aging effect. It also works to correct the imbalance of essential fatty acids in your system and can help with skin conditions like eczema and acne when you combine the external application with adding hemp oil into your diet.

So, the addition of this wonder oil into the hand sani will help keep your hands moisturised and soft, while the alcohol will kill germs and bacteria. The sani is $9.95 a pop and comes in a handy spray bottle.


APH is also producing a hemp-based face mask, which provides 99.9% microbial reduction, according to a report released by the company. The hemp-based PPE products will be supplied to major Australian and international retailers, with more than $315,000 worth of orders taken this quarter.

The face masks are reusable, biodegradable and sustainably-sourced and include three layers of hemp and hemp-blended material. While we can’t yet get our hands on these hemp face masks just yet, here’s hoping it’ll be available soon.

Alternatively, online retailer Nourished Life stocks a face mask made from 3D knitted cloth that contains a copper-infused antimicrobial exterior and an odour neutralising green-coloured interior made from hemp flower extract.

Manufactured by Hemp Black, the mask is created from one piece of material (so no cutting or sewing is used), which results in low-to-zero waste in the production of the mask. Available in three sizes, you can purchase this mask for $29.95.

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