The Health Benefits of Avocados You Didn’t Know

In case you missed it — and in between everything else going on in Australia right now, that’s entirely understandable — Australian Hass avocados are in season and incredibly good.

Yep, check out any local or big-chain grocery store – online preferably – and you’ll find that they’re now a fraction of their usual price, not to mention just as tasty and fresh-tasting as ever.

Which is why we thought now would be the perfect time to chat about the health benefits of avocados.

Not only are the little guys seriously delicious, whether they’re being tossed with feta and smashed onto toast, sliced into salads or sandwiches, or crushed into guacamole with chilli, onions and fresh limes, they’re also packed with heaps of vitamins and nutrients that help your body work exactly the way it should. Plain and simple, avos really are the perfect fruit.

So, which vitamins and nutrients do avos contain? Well, as little as one-quarter of an avo (50g) is proven to be a source of folate (vitamin B9), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), niacin (vitamin B3), fibre and potassium — and that’s just the start.

Which, you might be thinking, sounds pretty great and all, but what exactly do each of these vitamins and nutrients do? And what health benefits do these translate to? We answer all of the questions below.

Avos sharpen the mind

Avos contain nutrients that can help sharpen the mind, and who doesn’t want to be smarter? The folate in Australian avocados contributes to normal psychological function, working to better both your mind and your mood.

Pantothenic acid benefits normal mental performance and niacin plays a positive role in normal psychological function — helping to combat fatigue and to boost energy. Niacin is also necessary for normal neurological function.

They’re great for the skin

Really, what doesn’t niacin do? In addition to all of the above, the B vitamin is also needed for the normal structure and function of skin. In other words, niacin is essential for healthy, glowing skin — and, back to the point, avos are proven sources of it.

*Stocks up immediately*.

They help with digestion

Next up is avos as a source of fibre. Dietary fibre is not only important for our digestive health and regular bowel movements, but it can also make you feel fuller for longer, improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and is proven to help in the prevention of certain diseases. Needless to say, fibre is something you should be seeking out in your diet and aiming to get enough of.

They can steady nerves

Would you believe that avos are packed with more potassium than bananas? We didn’t quite believe it either — but it’s true. And because potassium helps to regulate your heartbeat, the mineral then, by default, also works to help your nerve health. So, next time your heart is racing, think about your hard-working nerves – and send some love their way, eat an avo!

They can help your heart

More than half of the calories in avos are fats — mainly of the unsaturated variety. Unsaturated fats, if you didn’t know, work to help the heart and have even been proven to lower cholesterol. So, if it’s a healthy heart you’re after, look no further than an avo.

In fact, the next time you’re in the fruit and veggies aisle or section at the local shops, why not consider an Australian avocado? Or three? With all their health benefits, not to mention their mouth-watering food pairings and even the creamy, almost buttery taste they have on their own, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t.

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