Netflix and Meditation? Headspace App Lands Three Series Deal With the Streaming Platform

Co-founded by former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe in 2010, Headspace is a meditation app that is used by millions of people in over 190 countries — including me! If you haven’t used the app before, it teaches you the basics of meditation and mindfulness in an easy-to-digest way.

After much success over the last 10 years, Headspace is making the leap to the small screen thanks to Netflix. The team is creating three new series for the streaming platform, with the first one called Headspace Guide to Meditation, premiering on January 1, 2021.

The first series will give viewers a crash course in meditation and take you through the foundation of practice and demonstrate how it can help you become more present in your everyday life. According to the Hollywood Reporter, each episode of the series will focus on a different benefit of meditation, including stress management and embracing gratitude, and will finish with a guided meditation.

Puddicombe will lead the series and narrate the eight 20-minute episodes, which if you’re a Headspace fan, will know that this is very good news as he has one of the most soothing voices there is (in my opinion, anyway). His narration will be paired with animation and music, much like on the app, and the series will be subtitled and dubbed into 30 different languages.

Not much is known about the other two Headspace-produced series that are in the works, but Hollywood Reporter says that one of them is called Headspace Guide to Sleep and is “an untitled interactive experience following later in the year”.

Meditation can feel daunting or even boring, but the magic of Headspace is that most of the exercises on the app are guided. This means you’re prompted with instructions on how you should be breathing and reminded to bring yourself back to the present moment when thoughts arise.

If you don’t want to fork out for the Headspace subscription, you can catch all of the meditation goodness on January 1, 2021, via Netflix.

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