Step Aside, Aldi — We Found Another Affordable Retailer Selling Quality Cast Iron Cookware

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Earlier this month, Aldi featured cast iron cookware in its limited Special Buys. The crowd went wild. And it made sense, considering cast iron cookware itself is known for its quality — it’s a thick, heavy material that allows for even heat distribution and retention and is known to last for years — and that Aldi’s range is particularly good. It’s dishwasher safe, comes with three layers of enamel and has a five-year warranty.

But, as great as the range is, it’s only sold as part of the store’s Special Buys drop, meaning that once it sells out, you’ll have to wait ‘til the next time it comes around. Which could see us waiting upwards of six months from now.

You can imagine my excitement then when I stumbled on another similar cast iron cookware range, Harris Scarfe’s Smith & Nobel. Like Aldi’s, it promises quality at affordable prices. Unlike Aldi’s, however, it’s available all year-round and can even be delivered straight to your door (or via click-and-collect, which is free for all orders). Plus, at the time of writing this, it’s all on sale for up to 50% off.

So, what’s on offer? Well, the range features roughly 35 items, including skillets, casserole dishes, braisers, roasters and fry pans that come in various sizes and colours like gradient blue, a beautiful lilac and a bold red. It starts at $12.95 and goes up to about $79.97 (sale prices).

If you’re not sure what to get, might I recommend these three stand outs:

Smith & Nobel Raw Cast Iron Square Grill, $29.95 (on sale)

A sturdy grill for cooking fluffy omelettes, searing steak or simply baking pies in the oven. “Love this so much, makes perfect grilled chicken and steak,” wrote one reviewer.

Smith & Nobel Braiser, $79.97 (on sale)

This braiser is great for slow cooking and keeping your food warm before you eat it. An online review reads: “Great value, have used heaps! Nice colour and quick free delivery.”

Smith & Nobel Cast Iron Casserole, $69.96 (on sale)

Cook meat, broths or stews in this classic cast iron casserole dish. “Pleasure to cook with. Fabulous casserole pan. Seals well and evenly distributes heat. Loving it,” reads a review.

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