Combat Thinning Hair and Oily Scalps With This Light Therapy Baseball Cap

A baseball cap that doubles as a hair growth treatment? Sign us up. Hair thinning happens to the best of us and many of the available treatments to combat this often require day surgery of some sort as well as a fairly large price tag.

In order to provide an alternative for those with hair woes, the team at ZeroT has created a cap that encourages hair growth by stimulating hair follicles while also helping to reduce oil and dandruff in your scalp through light therapy.

While hair loss is often decided by genetics, for those whose lifestyle choices might be lending a helping hand to hair loss, a device like the ZeroT would be super handy. And, you don’t need to have active hair loss to use the cap, as the team at ZeroT says: “get a head start before it’s gone”.

The cap uses red light, which stimulates hair follicles and blue light, which cleans the scalp of unwanted oils and, as Man of Many pointed out, this makes this treatment completely non-invasive as well as chemical and drug-free.

Image: ZeroT

To reap the benefits of light therapy, you only need to wear the cap for 20 minutes per day and let the 50 targeted LED lights do their thing. The cap features three light modes: Red light, blue light and dual and you can switch between the modes depending on your specific needs.

Each mode has three levels of light intensity so you can slowly build up the intensity of your treatment. Each mode lasts for 20 minutes and automatically turns off when the time is up.

Dermatologist and alumni from Seoul University, Dr Lee, has worked with the ZeroT team from the early development stages and has helped test and refine the technology used in the cap. According to Dr Lee, the cap is particularly good for women who might be experiencing thinning hair or have long dealt with an overly oily scalp.

“ZeroT is an effective method of hair treatment that you can easily use every day,” he said. “Especially because there aren’t that many treatment options readily available for women, I believe this product will be useful for a lot of people.”

The ZeroT cap has launched on Indiegogo and the team are still looking for backers for the campaign so they can eventually put the product into production. So, if you like the sound of what the cap promises, consider throwing your money behind the device and you’ll eventually be able to try it for yourself.

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