The Headlines: Why Hackers Are Attacking Australia

Hackers vs. Australia: A New War

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Ah, 2022, a very good vintage for the hackers assaulting Australia. In September of that year, Optus was the victim of a vicious cyber-attack. While in October, Medibank was targeted, and the personal information of around 9.7 million customers was snatched.

What’s more, 2023 is shaping up to be another year that hackers go after Australia’s data. In March, Latitude Financial announced that 14 million people that they had on file had their data stolen. Latitude Financial is an Australian lending company.

But why are a whack hackers going for Australia? Well, the ABC spoke to a hacker that might have been involved in the Medibank attack, and the results were pretty brutal.

“Australians are the most stupidest humans alive,” said a hacker that goes by Kerasid. “And they have a lot of money for no reason. A lot of money and no sense at all.”

“I don’t believe in flashing money. When you are not humble, it all goes wrong.”

Now, unfortunately, we cannot force such hackers to be more empathetic people. We cannot debate such hackers on if Australia flaunts its wealth or not.

However, what we can do is become better people at protecting our own personal data. Create strong passwords, use a password manager, don’t share your passwords with other people.

Melbourne Is Now Bigger Than Sydney

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Sydney: A joint with a reputation for being the biggest Aussie city. But, in a chungus twist, this hasn’t been the case since 2021. That’s right, Melbourne’s on top, and it’s all thanks to a census boundary change. 

As Andrew Howe, an employee for the Australian Bureau of Statistics, explained, “The 2021 census told us that Melton and the rest of Greater Melbourne was now, statistically, one contiguous area.”

“Until the 2021 census definition, the Sydney significant area had a higher population than Melbourne. However, with the amalgamation of Melton into Melbourne in the latest significant urban area classification, Melbourne has more people than Sydney.”

So, what does it mean that this fact is now being discussed in 2023? Well, it means Sydney has something to feel insecure about. Let’s just hope it fixes its rental crisis before it asks more Aussies to move there.

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Why Australia’s Sam Kerr Slays

Sam Kerr
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It’s official, Sam Kerr is currently killing the football scene. On April 11, this Aussie helped the Matildas beat England by scoring two goals. Then, on April 16, she helped Chelsea get into the Women’s FA Cup final. Kerr did this by scoring a conclusive goal against Aston Villa.

The final score between Chelsea and Aston Villa was one — zero.

When discussing the victory against Aston Villa, Kerr said, “Another final… Thanks to all the travelling fans.”

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