The Headlines: Is a Super El Niño Coming For Australia?

Super El Nino

Australia vs. A Super El Niño

A drought in Australia.
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Meteorologists are perverse people. And I say this for a very good reason. These folks give terrible weather events incredibly whimsical names. 

For instance, Australia just went through a “triple-dip” La Niña. Which sounds like a mint Wet’n’Wild ride. But in reality, this triple-dip made Australia suffer through three years of higher-than-average rain and more floods than one can shake a stick at.

What’s more, Australia might now get hit by a “super” El Niño. Which sounds like the sickest wrestler name on the planet. But in reality, a super El Niño would suck. This is because a super El Niño is a meteorological event that would create very hot and very dry weather conditions across multiple countries. If a super El Niño were to sweep across Australia, then we’d probably have to battle some terrible bushfires. 

However, there’s still a bit of hope that an El Niño won’t happen this year. The Bureau of Meteorology has stated that the odds of one happening are currently 50/50. Let’s just hope that this coin flip goes our way.

Sony Wants to Bring Back Cloud Gaming

A picture of Sony's controller buttons.
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In 2019, Google launched a new video game console named Stadia. And Stadia’s unique selling point was that you didn’t download the games you played, you instead streamed them. All of your games were stored on the cloud.

Yet, while this tech was interesting, it didn’t catch on. Not enough people had faith that Google could create a decent gaming product. 

Smash cut: It’s 2023, and Google kills off Stadia. This led to some experts believing that cloud-based gaming was gone for good. 

However, while Google might be done with cloud gaming, Sony might be picking up their mantle. This is because Sony is currently hiring 22 cloud experts.

According to a job posting by Sony, some of these hires will “have the opportunity to lead the charge in the cloud gaming revolution.” They will also be “at the forefront of putting console-quality video games on any device.”

So, how long will it be until I’ll be able to play God of War on my phone? Well, it’ll be a very long time, if ever. App development takes ages, and corporations can be fickle beasts.

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Matildas Smash England: Two — Zero

The Matildas playing against England.
Image: Getty

Meanwhile, in football news, Australia has something to be chuffed about. This is because the Matildas defeated England in a friendly match, two — zero. Additionally, we broke England’s 30-match winning streak by doing so.

Sam Kerr scored the first goal at the 33-minute mark, while Charli Grant scored her first international goal 66 minutes in. Overall, it’s a fabulous day to be a Matildas simp.

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