Here’s What We Want to Happen in ‘Good Omens’ S2

It’s been four, long years since we last got to see new episodes of Good Omens on our screens. That’s four years without literal angel Aziraphale, literal demon Crowley and their infectious banter, and four years since Heaven and Hell both agreed to just let our favourite bromance exist in peace on Earth. But their story doesn’t end there, as “Good Omens” season 2 is finally upon us. And with it? A brand new story.

Now, unlike the first season of Good Omens, this new season, available to stream now on Prime Video, isn’t based on any source material. Instead, showrunner and genius Neil Gaiman has built a new story from scratch. After writing the original 1990 novel alongside the late Terry Pratchett, fans can be assured that the story of season two is in good hands. But, with no source material to pull from, Good Omens season two can almost go anywhere. 

So, we’re letting our theories run wild, and listing the things we want to happen in “Good Omens” season two. To find out if any of our predictions came true, stream season two of Good Omens on Prime Video now.

Aziraphale and Crowley Finally Get Together

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It’s no secret that the Good Omens fandoms ship Aziraphale and Crowley hard. Think about it. These are two people who were literally fated by the powers that be to oppose one another completely, and yet this angel/demon duo not only found a way to bond despite differences, but they thrive in each other’s companionship. Now, I’m not one to impose sexuality onto anyone – deity or otherwise – but seeing these two get together would be heartwarming on a stratospheric level.

We know those seeds were definitely planted in the first season, but in TV land, no ship sets sail without a kiss. And, after a four-year wait, it’s the least Gaiman could do.

But Maybe Gabriel Could Form a Love Triangle

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One thing we do know about the new season of Good Omens is that the *ahem* devilishly handsome Jon Hamm will be reprising his role as Gabriel. Being the archangel who was supposed to facilitate the actual apocalypse, and having those plans thwarted by Aziraphale and Crowley, Gabriel finds himself in a weird place. That place? Aziraphale’s shop.

In the trailer, Gabriel says, “You know what it’s like when you don’t know anything at all and yet you’re totally certain that everything would be better if you were near one particular person.” What if that person was Aziraphale? Angel-on-angel love is probably more widely accepted than the angel-on-demon love Aziraphale and Crowley would represent? Could the archangel drive a spanner in the works in their friendship and potential budding romance?

A War of Intergalactic Proportions

Since we don’t have a book to turn to for clues on what season two of Good Omens could entail, we have to look elsewhere (otherwise our imagination will take us into Aziraphale and Crowley living happily in love and happily ever after). Luckily, Prime Video has kept us fans fed with the tease of the new season’s opening sequence. Complete with stunning animations, we see cartoon Crowley and animated Aziraphale wander through a multitude of literal hellscapes as the world crumbles around them. Fun!

One scene of note, though, shows war-torn debris on land and…UFOs in the sky? We already know Aziraphale fears he’s started a war of some description thanks to the trailer. Could that war be with beings who aren’t a part of our universe — physical or otherwise? 

Keep in mind that this wouldn’t even be the first time extraterrestrial life was referenced in Good Omens. Remember the UFO that briefly appeared as the apocalypse drew closer in season one? While “Good Omens” is set on challenging the duality of man, the first season did such a good job that it might be time to look elsewhere for conflict. Alien life, who aren’t subject to the same concepts of good and evil, and even heaven or hell, feels the perfect fit.

Find out if we get the love triangles and alien wars we crave by streaming Good Omens season 2 now on Prime Video. Start your 30-day free trial today.

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This article originally appeared on Fandom.