Vows, Celeb Friendships, the Quiet Life: This Is What the Former Gogglebox Cast Is Up to

Gogglebox Australia's Angie and Yvie: Where are they now?

Gogglebox Australia: A show with an exceptionally impressive run. It’s been gracing our TVs since 2015, had 19 whopping seasons, and filmed over 170 episodes. What’s more, this series is still going strong thanks to a new season dropping on Network 10. 

If you’re not in the know, Gogglebox Australia is a series that depicts various groups of people from around the country reacting to what was on our TVs in the previous weeks. This series captures people’s authentic lives and unpacks the ways in which we discuss mainstream media. 

This format has worked for nine straight years due to its charismatic cast. We all love the cricket-obsessed Delpechitra family. We are all fans of the wholesome grandparents Lee and Keith. The genuine ways that they react to what’s on their TVs always makes for a compelling watch.

However, nine straight years is a long time for a show to be on the air. This means that some Gogglebox Australia cast members have departed from this series. So, where are these people now? Here are the details we know.

Gogglebox Australia Cast: Where They Are Now

Kaday and Chantel

In an eastern suburbs apartment, Sydneysiders Kaday and Chantel met while hanging their washing. They quickly became great mates and were on Gogglebox Australia’s Season 11 through to 14. On Gogglebox Australia, they were renowned for their sass, wit, and insightful commentary.

However, in 2022, Kaday and Chantel chose to leave Gogglebox Australia. Since leaving this show, Kaday has put all of her efforts into being a Mental Health Clinician. When Kaday isn’t working, she’s exploring NSW, going to festivals, and snorkelling. 

Meanwhile, Chantel has deleted her social media accounts to focus on doing social work.

The Elias Family


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When Sydney’s Elias family was on our screens, they truly did it all. The dad, Les, discussed his past life as an actor, and his wife, Danielle, tried to keep him on topic. Meanwhile, their kids, Jacob, Lily Rose, and Ivy, all enjoyed pressing each other’s buttons, to great comic effect. This family had big opinions and bigger voices, and they weren’t afraid to let Australia know this fact.

Unlike Kaday and Chantel, the Elias family left Gogglebox in 2021. They couldn’t appear in that year’s season due to Sydney’s COVID restrictions. After not being on this season, they left this series for good. 

Since leaving Gogglebox Australia, the Elias family is still going strong. In November of last year, Les and Danielle renewed their wedding vows after being married for 20 years. They did so in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Better yet, this couple is still very much in love, having recently celebrated Valentine’s Day.  

The Jackson Family


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Penrith’s Jackson family was one of the biggest families to ever grace Gogglebox Australia. From Seasons 1 through to 10, Stacey, Grant, and their six children brought a rambunctious energy to this series. When the kids, Corey, Britney, Jesse, Chase, Kane, and Nate, were all lined up on the couch, you knew that you were in for a fun time.

While the Jackson family was grateful for their time on this series, they wanted to move away from the spotlight. In recent years, their Instagram posts have been few and far between. Last August, they partied for Chase’s 16th birthday, and last October, they commemorated Britney turning 21.

Angie and Yvie


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Angie and Yvie are arguably the most famous Gogglebox Australia alumni. Everyone loved their bubbly Sydney banter and the circus of dogs that they fostered. These roommates were often unfiltered, giving their brutally honest opinions about what was on our TVs. 

After being on Gogglebox Australia for eight seasons, Angie and Yvie chose to retire. In 2018, Angie had moved from their Sydney sharehouse and could no longer film it with ease. 

Since leaving Gogglebox Australia, both Angie and Yvie have gone from stride to stride. In 2019, Angie came 10th on I’m a Celebrity and was Australia’s Bachelorette. For the last two years, she has hosted the cleaning show Space Invaders.

Meanwhile, Yvie also appeared on 2019’s I’m a Celebrity, coming second. In 2023, she starred as a woman named Karen on a sitcom called Darradong Local Council.

Wayne and Tom


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Ah, Wayne and Tom. The larkins that defined the tone of Gogglebox Australia. This cute couple was best known for sitting down with a glass of wine and making some snippy remarks about reality TV.

After being on this show for eight seasons, enough was enough. This couple now gets to spend more time with their children, Jade, Tegan, and Zac. They are also hoping to one day be granddads.

Zina and Vivian


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From Gogglebox Australia’s Season 3 through to Season 5, Zina and Vivian were the Melburnian house-mates that everyone loved. Unlike some of the other households, Zina and Vivian were regarded as reserved and thoughtful. They liked to offer insightful commentary for the shows that they watched.

Since leaving Gogglebox Australia, Zina and Vivian have gone on to live very private lives. Zina has enjoyed adventuring around the globe, and Vivan is now a yoga instructor who loves surfing.

Gogglebox Australia’s 2024 season airs on Network 10 on Thursdays at 8.30PM. Miss this episode? Catch up on 10 Play.

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