Behind Each Reaction: Explore the Behind the Scenes Secrets of ‘Gogglebox Australia’

Gogglebox Australia: Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes, Gogglebox Australia doesn’t mess around. The creators set up a few cameras in each household, tell the cast what shows they have to watch, and then let them react. 


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What’s more, this formula is incredibly effective. Over the years, Gogglebox Australia has one of the most beloved shows on air. It’s so relaxing being let into a bunch of lounge rooms across the nation, seeing how everyday people react to what’s on our TVs. We all love the Delpechitra family, the wholesome grandparents Lee and Keith, and the Greek BFFs Anastasia and Faye. It wouldn’t be the same watching Australian Survivor sans their hilarious banter.

But are their reactions staged or natural? Are the families told how to react? Here’s what happens on Gogglebox Australia behind the scenes.

Gogglebox Australia: The Behind the Scenes Details

The Show Isn’t Scripted

Over the years, numerous Gogglebox Australia contestants have stated their reactions aren’t scripted. The producers really let them say whatever they like.

In a 2018 interview, Gogglebox Australia alumni Angie and Yvie spoke about the filming process.

“It’s not produced like most reality TV shows,” Angie said. “Everything you see is raw, it’s real, and it’s us. Ain’t nobody telling us what to say!

“There’s a lot of TV-watching that never makes it to air,” Yvie said. “I feel for the poor editors.”

In another interview, Zina and Vivian — who were on Gogglebox Australia’s Season 3 to Season 5 — said that they had a similar experience filming the show.

“There’s no one telling us how to react,” the duo said, “they just play the shows, and we watch as per normal.”

Some Shows Aren’t Watched Live

While filming Gogglebox Australia, each household is shown a mix of pre-recorded and live TV shows. The show is produced in this manner so each participant can react to the best shows that have been on our TVs. 

However, each household can request to add extra shows to this playlist, if they so wish.

As Zina and Vivian explained, “We always throw things in and ask if we can please watch it.” 

The Gogglebox Australia Cameras Are Hidden

On Gogglebox Australia, each family and friend group is recorded with a few remote-controlled cameras. These cameras are discreetly placed in each contestant’s living room. A small crew then watches this footage from another room in each house.

According to former Gogglebox Australia legends, Wayne and Tom, this format allowed them to be very genuine in how they reacted.

When discussing the cameras and crew in an interview, the couple said, “Because you’re watching television, you forget they’re there.”

The Gogglebox Australia Cast Gets Recognised

When the Gogglebox Australia cast isn’t recording their reactions, they sometimes get recognised in public. In February, this behind the scenes detail was revealed by Kate Dalton, one of Gogglebox Australia’s original cast members.

“Matt and I are on holiday in Bali at the moment and we’ve already been stopped three times. I think everyone who is on the show gets recognised!” Kate said. “If I could get a penny for every single person who tells me that they should be on Gogglebox or knows someone who should, I’d be so rich!”

Gogglebox Australia’s 2024 season airs on Network 10 on Thursdays at 8.30pm. Miss an episode? Catch up on 10 Play.

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