Put Your Excitement Goggles on: ‘Gogglebox Australia’ Is Back

Gogglebox Australia 2024 details

Is there anything more relaxing than sitting down after a long day’s work and watching some TV? Yes, it’s sitting down and watching someone else watch TV. Which, luckily for us, is exactly what the upcoming season of Gogglebox Australia will deliver. That’s right! The fan favourite reality series is back for 2024, and it starts soon. 


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Gogglebox Australia is a series that lets us into the lounge rooms of Aussies all over the nation. Then, we watch them react the biggest moments on TV from the previous week, laughing and gasping along with them as they offer their authentic reactions and always spot-on commentary.

If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait for the premiere of Gogglebox Australia’s 2024 season, and you’ve come to the right place. Let’s unpack this year’s cast, release date, and more.

Who Will Be Appearing on Gogglebox Australia’s 2024 Cast?

Gogglebox Australia’s 2024 cast is stacked with a lot of fan favourites. In fact, the cricket-obsessed Delpechitra family, wholesome grandparents Lee and Keith, Greek BFFs Anastasia and Faye, and the tight-knit Dalton family will all be returning for their tenth consecutive year on the show.

They’re not the only returning Goggleboxers, though. Larrikins Adam and Symon, mother-daughter duo Kerry and Izzy, foodie siblings Tim and Leanne, and surfers Milo and Nic are also back. Oh, and who could forget Gogglebox’s Matty, his son Malik, baby Lyon, and Uncle Jad? 

Finally, the Gogglebox gaggle of friends Kevin, Bob, Jared, and Mia will also be back after making their debut back in 2022. 

When Does Gogglebox Australia 2024 Start?

Mark your calendars! Gogglebox Australia’s 2024 start date is Wednesday, February 21, at 7.30pm.

As always, the new season will premiere Foxtel, but if you’re not subscribed, you can still watch the show! Gogglebox Australia will air weekly at 8.30pm on Network 10 and 10 Play a day after it airs on Foxtel, from Thursday, February 22.

Where to Watch Gogglebox Australia’s 2024 Season

Gogglebox Australia airs Wednesdays on Foxtel. It also airs Thursdays on Network 10 and 10 Play. Miss an episode? Catch up on 10 Play.

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