Gobble Up These ‘Gogglebox Australia’ Details — Everything We Know About the 2023 Season

Gogglebox Australia 2023 Details

Bingeing TV by yourself can sometimes be a lonely experience. Maybe your pals are busy, or your cat would rather destroy your furniture than sit on the couch. On these days, it’ll be useful to know Gogglebox Australia’s 2023 details. 

Gogglebox Australia depicts various groups of people from around Australia reacting to what was on our TVs last week. The aim of this programme is to capture people’s lives and the ways in which we discuss media.

Soon, another season of Gogglebox Australia will be slathered into our TV guides. But who are the cast? When is it dropping? Here are the Gogglebox Australia details you should learn in 2023.

Gogglebox Australia’s 2023 Cast

Thankfully, the 2023 season of Gogglebox Australia will feature a tonne of returning cast members, which is brilliant, ‘cause they’re the people we tune in for. This season will feature:

  • The Delpechitra Family
  • The Daltons Family
  • Grandparents, Lee and Keith
  • Kid and uncle, Malik and Jad
  • Brother and sister, Tim and Leanne
  • First Nations pals, Kevin, Bob, Jared, and Mia
  • Best friends, Milo and Nic
  • Best friends, Anastasia and Faye
  • Best friends, Adam and Symon

Gogglebox Australia’s 2023 Start Date

Gogglebox Australia’s 2023 start date is Wednesday, 16 August, at 7.30pm. The programme is debuting on Foxtel.

However, if you don’t have Foxtel, there is no need to despair. Gogglebox Australia is also airing on Network 10 and 10 Play. It will hit these free-to-air options on Thursday, 17 August, at 8.30pm.

Where to Watch Gogglebox Australia’s 2023 Season

Gogglebox Australia airs Wednesdays on on Foxtel. It also airs Thursdays on Network 10 and 10 Play. Miss an episode? Catch up on 10 Play.

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