Go-To Skincare Drops New Body Lotion Aptly Named ‘Skin Party’

There hasn’t been much to celebrate this year but a new launch from our favourite wizards at Go-To Skincare is definitely one such occasion. The new launch is a body lotion called ‘Skin Party’ and this is most definitely one party we’re completely here for.

This is the third body product from Go-To, joining the ranks alongside its Exceptionoil Body Oil and Super Handy Hand Cream. Packaged in Go-To’s iconic peachy hue, Skin Party is a hydrating body lotion that keeps your skin soft and smooth but doesn’t feel sticky or greasy — a non-negotiable when it comes to body creams.

Image: Go-To Skincare

Formulated with hydrating oils and essential fatty acids like sweet almond oil and squalene (a powerful antioxidant that prevents moisture from escaping the skin) as well as glycerin, shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin e, this product is most definitely a party for dry, thirsty skin.

Once applied, the lotion will protect your skin’s moisture barrier and soften dry, delicate or dehydrated skin and thanks to the addition of water in the formulation, it helps your skin retain moisture and keeps you hydrated for longer.

The versatility of a product like Skin Party means you can slather it all over your body or simply apply it to the dry bits, like your knees, elbows and feet. Use it after your shower, morning or night — basically whenever your skin needs a little hydration.

Skin Party is “here to give your body the fun and replenishment it deserves,” Go-To founder Zoë Foster Blake wrote on Instagram. “After all, your body is a brilliant, magical marvel. It works hard for you every day. And like your face and hair, it longs for replenishment, love and care. Designed to nourish and comfort, this is your daily moisturiser, your post-beach quencher, and your dry skin salve.”

According to Foster Blake, the lotion smells like “a wild flower garden in high summer,” which sounds downright delightful. You can shop Skin Party via the Go-To website for $34.

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