Glossier Pauses Production of Glossier Play Due to Sustainability Concerns


Glossier Play is no more.

The glittery, colourful line that was released by Glossier in March 2019 has officially been popped on pause, as reported by The Cut.

When the line was originally introduced, fans of the cult beauty brand were disappointed at the use of glitter in the products and the unnecessary packaging covering each of the Colorslide liners, which were encased in a foil wrapper and then a box.

Glossier founder and CEO, Emily Weiss, told Business of Fashion that she thought the brand needed to “differentiate more intense makeup product from less intense makeup product,” hence why Glossier Play was born.

But ultimately, Weiss and her team realised that they “could have just launched more makeup products.”

While Glossier Play has only been put on pause (and could potentially be resurrected in the future), the production of Glossier’s Glitter Gelée eyeshadow pot is definitely over.

Weiss recently penned a letter discussing why the brand decided to ditch the glitter-based product and it all came down to environmental concerns.

“We launched Glitter Gelée last March, and quickly heard from many of you who were disappointed that we’d created a product using glitter, which has become increasingly and deservedly controversial since it gets into the waterways and accumulates in the ocean,” Weiss wrote.

“It was clear to us that we’d made the wrong choice, so we pledged to work on reformulating this product with bio-glitter, a newer and more environmentally-friendly raw material.”


Despite its best efforts, Glossier wasn’t able to create such a product.

“Over the past year, our product development team has experimented with multiple formulas using bio-glitter, but ultimately we haven’t been able to make a product that we love. It’s possible that future innovations in bio-glitter materials will enable us to try again, but in the meantime, we’ve decided to discontinue Glitter Gelée as of March 2,” wrote Weiss.

As the company moves forward, sustainability and the environment is going to be even more important for Weiss and her team.

“As we embark on a new decade, we enter it with eyes wide open that sustainability is one of the greatest undertakings of all of our lifetimes,” she wrote.

“As a company, we’re making an ongoing commitment to the environment, our customers, and our team that we will always seek to improve and innovate when it comes to our products, packaging, and operations. We’re not always going to nail it, or have the perfect “forever” solution, but I don’t want that to stop us from making this journey something we share and, even better, inviting you to join that conversation—it’s how we’ll make the most impact.”

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